Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems

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    Quantum Free-Match Series Ductless and Ducted Inverter++ Multi-Zone Split Components and Kits (2/3/4/5 Zone)

    PioneerĀ® multiple-zone mini split systems are available in two, three, four and five zone versions and with various capacities, for multi room settings where independent and full zone control is required for each of the rooms. In a multi-room split system, a single multi circuit outdoor unit is attached to multiple indoor units that come in a variety of capacities and designs, which can me mixed and matched within a single set to meet the load requirements and other design constraints for each zone.

    Our indoor multi-zone mini split systems come in both ductless and ducted varieties, with many different combination options that allow you to create the ideal and total home comfort system for most new and retrofit projects. We offer a wide variety of top-quality multi-room mini split air conditionersā€”and theyā€™re all designed for durability and performance. Check out our selection of multi-zone mini split AC systems and multi-zone heat pump systems today!

    Confused on which multi-zone mini split system to select? Use our new Multi-Zone system builder wizard!

    30 products
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