Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

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    Diamante Pro (19 SEER) and Diamante Ultra (22 SEER)

    Experience instant relief the moment you enter your room with Pioneer’s latest Diamante series high-wall ductless mini split heat pumps. This all-new product line was designed and developed to bring a truly affordable heating and cooling solution without sacrificing desirable features. The variable-speed inverter technology and high-efficiency 19~23 SEER2 rating guarantees substantial savings from your monthly energy bill. A dual-swing louver system ensures both horizontal and vertical sweeping air throw, to perfectly reach all directions of the room. All systems in this series come equipped with an auxiliary strip heater in the condensing unit, to provide hyper-heating even in frigid -13°F temperatures. And with noise measurements as low as 27 dB, you can sleep peacefully with air conditioning quieter than even an empty library. In addition, all systems come pre-packed with a full 16 ft. installation kit, so your ductless mini split heat pump system is ready to be up and running in a single afternoon. Browse our newest selection of wall mounted Diamante split systems today!

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    13 products
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