All About Mini Split Air Conditioning Units

When thinking about mini split air conditioning units, the most appealing factor for many homeowners is that they avoid the need for additional duct work on one’s home. This, of course, significantly reduces the financial cost of heating or cooling specific areas that don’t currently have air ducts leading to them. While fans and space heaters are viable options, for those who want something more comprehensive, powerful, and controlled, single- and multi-zone mini split units are an excellent, non-invasive way to get additional heating or cooling.

What Home Alterations Are Required To Install Mini Split Air Conditioning Units?

While there won’t be any major work you need to do in preparation for installing a mini split system, most often, the necessary alterations are limited to cutting a small hole for the purpose of running the line set and power cable to your mini split’s head unit. Luckily, this is often a very simple and easy process, as mini splits usually only require one circuit to power the unit—this straightforward process is just part of a mini split’s appeal.

How Are Mini Split Air Conditioning Units Controlled?

Instead of using a thermostat like your main heating and air conditioning, most mini split units are controlled with a remote that’s specific to the head unit. This usually serves to benefit the homeowner, as areas where mini split systems are installed aren’t always places you want to have consistent temperatures with the rest of the house—this is particularly the case for garages. However, for in-house rooms as well, family members or roommates will have the ability to customize their own room’s temperature without affecting other rooms.

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