Pioneer® Dual Zone Outdoor Section 230V 21.3 SEER Multi Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

Model Number: YN020GMFI22M2D

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  • OUTDOOR SECTION ONLY for Dual (2) Zone 
  • Ultra High Efficiency DC Inverter++ version
  • Cooling capacity: 17,000 BTU/H Nominal (Range: 4,197 MIN ~ 19,900 MAX) with 21.3 SEER efficiency
  • Heating capacity: 18,000 BTU/H Nominal (Range: 2,225 MIN ~ 23,475 MAX) with 10 HSPF efficiency
  • Voltage: 208~230 V, 60 Hertz, 1 Ph
  • Factory charged for up to 25’ line set per circuit
  • Whisper Quiet Operation


R410A Pre-Charged Outdoor Unit, accommodating refrigerant line lengths up to 25 ft. per circuit.


Pioneer Mini Split Certifications

Performance Data

  • Power Supply: 208~230V, 60Hz, 1Ph
  • Communication Protocol: Current Loop
  • Min-Max Load Attached: 12,000~24,000 BTU/h
  • Cooling Rated Capacity: 17,000 BTU/h
  • Cooling Capacity Range: 4,197~19,900 BTU/h
  • Cooling SEER (Ductless): 21.3 BTU/w
  • Heating Rated Capacity: 18,000 BTU/h
  • Heating Capacity Range: 2,225~23,475 BTU/h
  • Heating HSPF (Ductless): 10.0 BTU/w
  • Refrigerant Type: R410a
  • Suitable Area: 600~800 Sq.F
  • Sound Level: 62.0 dB(A)
  • Net Dimensions (WDH): 33.3 x 14.4 x 27.6 Inches
  • Carton Dimensions (WDH): 38.0 x 15.5 x 29.7 Inches
  • Net / Gross Weight: 106 / 115 Lbs


Dual Zone Combinations

Rating Two Units      
Wall: 9 + 9 9 + 9      
Ducted: 9 + 9 9 + 12      
  12 + 12      

9,000 BTU Compatible Units

12,000 BTU Compatible Units

    Min. / Max. Loading

    12,000 / 24,000 BTU/h.


    Every indoor unit attached will operate at a random, self regulated capacity, based on the actual demand it measures from the zone it is serving (Between 30% to 100% of its rated capacity or OFF). Outdoor unit will also self regulate its output capacity, based on the total demand it reads from all of the simultaneously running indoor units at any given moment.

    With multi split systems, the total demand from the outdoor unit, shall seldomly exceed 67% of the total available capacity of the combined indoor unit group due to load fluctuations. Although very seldom, if and when the total demand from the combined indoor group exceeds the rated capacity of the outdoor unit, the capacity of the each indoor unit will be annotated accordingly.

    For high demand heating applications, max loading limits may need to be reduced by 10-15 % to avoid under-performance risks at some extreme conditions.


    Ask a Question
    • Can I connect a 12000 and a 9000 to this unit

      Yes you definitely can.

    • If I buy a dual zone YN020GMFI22M2D, can buy install one indoor unit now and then buy the second indoor and install at a later date?

      Yes you can, that would not be a problem at all.

    • What AMP Breaker does this require?

      This would take a 20A double-pole breaker. The corresponding wire would be 12 AWG, with 2 hots and a ground, no neutral.

    • Can I run a single 18kbtu indoor unit with this outdoor unit.

      You cannot, you would need the triple-zone system, which is the smallest multi-zone that can take an 18K BTU head. Click here for more info.

    • Do both indoor units have to be heating/cooing to the same temperature or can they be set independently?

      The two attached heads can have their set temperatures be indepedently configured, but they must be in the same mode (of either COOL or HEAT).

    • free shipping?

      Yes all prices include shipping.

    • What size hole do I need to drill through the brick for the refrigeration lines for an 18K dual system?

      It would be a 2.5" diameter hole per each set of lines.

    • REFRIGERANT R410A Pre-Charged Outdoor Unit, accommodating refrigerant line lengths up to 25 ft. per circuit. The indoor units have a 33 ft and 50 ft line options. Can they be used with this outdoor unit?

      Yes they certainly can, but you will likely need to top off the condenser with some additional R410a to accomodate those longer lines.

    • Is it possible to run 2(2) 9,000 btu inside units with (1) 12,000 btu Duel split outside unit?

      Yes, this is a valid combination. See all combinations here.

    • Can I run a 9k and an 18K off this unit. In Okeechobee Fl

      The dual zone system cannot take an 18,000 BTU indoor unit. The triple-zone is the smallest multi-zone condenser that can. For more info see our matching table here.

    • Can i run (2) 12,000 BTU units on this outdoor model

      Yes, that would be a compatible configuration.

    • Can a 9000 and 12000 wall units be connected to this dual zone and if not what outdoor unit would be needed

      Yes they can, this would be valid.

    • What outside temperature does this unit cease to heat at?

      It would continue to heat down to -13°F outside temperature.

    • Can I wire two 9000 wt mini splits with this unit

      You cannot. These are the wall mounted 9,000 BTU units that are compatible with this condenser.

    • what size breaker & wire do I need

      It would take a 20A double pole breaker with 12 AWG wire.

    • I have a dual head unit can I run one head on air conditioning and the second head unit on heat at the same time?

      You cannot, it will throw a conflict error.

    • LINE LENGTHS UP TO 80 ft, Is it possible?

      You can have 80 ft for one indoor unit, but the maximum total that should be connected to this condenser should not exceed 100 ft combined.

    • Can I use only one indoor unit while the other unit remains off for a certain period of time?

      Yes you can, this would not be a problem.

    • Can I hook a two 12,000 btu heads up to this unit?

      Yes you can, this is a valid combination.

    • can i hook a 18000 btu and a 9000 btu to this unit

      You cannot. For an 18K head, you would need to use the triple-zone unit.

    • What is the minimum outdoor temperature this unit will operate at?

      Heating: -13°F / Cooling: 5°F

    • Would it be possible to install just one indoor unit then in a few weeks add a second indoor unit (understanding that the proper line set evacuation must be performed each time) ?

      This would not be a problem at all.

    • what amp breaker does the dual-zone 230 volt 21.3 seer require?

      This particular unit takes a 20A double-pole breaker with 12 AWG wire.

    • How can you connect a 12K indoor unit to the dual or three zone outdoor? Isn't the 12K indoor 1/4 x 1/2 & the outdoor 2 or 3 zone 1/4 x 3/8 only?

      All multi-zone condensers come included with the required adapters for this purpose.

    • can I hook a 9000 btu and a 12000 btu to this unit ?

      Yes, this dual can support 9K+9K, 12K+9K, or 12K+12K configurations.

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