Do Mini-Split Systems Run on Gas or Electric?

Do Mini-Split Systems Run on Gas or Electric?

Heating and cooling your home require specialized utilities capable of pushing treated air into every space. Many modern homeowners have already realized the benefits that mini splits offer.

They provide unique advantages over traditional HVAC systems that reduce the cost of living. But do mini-split systems run on gas or electric?

They’re More Efficient

The first thing to consider when examining how mini-split systems are powered is their expected efficiency. Mini-split systems are designed to improve heating and cooling for single rooms or small spaces. Electricity makes it easier to power devices without the need for additional infrastructure.

The efficiency of mini splits is due mainly to their low consumption capabilities, especially when compared to traditional HVAC systems. So, while they do consume electricity, you shouldn’t see too much of an increase in your monthly bill.

They Use a Heat Pump

Mini splits are designed to move temperatures rather than use energy to create heat, thereby changing the climate in specific rooms. The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor compressor that uses electricity to heat or cool air before sending it into the home.

Mini splits operate using a refrigerant to capture and release heat from the air. Inverters use electricity to run constantly at different speeds, allowing them to maintain the desired temperature. A good-quality inverter split system will allow you to enjoy optimal conditions all year long.

No Ductwork

Another thing to consider when looking at how mini splits operate is the lack of ductwork. HVAC systems generally use gas to create and distribute heat throughout the home. Because they don’t use ductwork, mini splits can transfer temperatures directly into the space with electricity.

One of the most significant advantages of mini-split installations is that they don’t lose air because of leaky or broken ductwork. Zone-specific heating and cooling don’t require gas to keep your home at the desired temperature. This setup leaves homeowners better equipped to manage their energy costs throughout the year.

Take Advantage of Electric Mini Splits for Your Home Today

Keeping your home at the optimal temperature will have some cost, no matter what. Because they run on electricity instead of gas, ductless mini splits can provide huge advantages against the alternatives.

If you’re not sure whether mini splits run on gas or electric, you can read up about their energy usage to discover the benefits for yourself.