One-Way Cassette Mini Split

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    Introducing the Pioneer® CYK-22 single-way cassette series, a revolutionary ductless ceiling cassette system from Pioneer® that combines groundbreaking technology with architectural prowess to offer unprecedented control over your indoor environment. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into the structural standards of most homes and establishments, the rectangular, less than 14-inch depth design slots effortlessly between 16-inch on-center joists or rafters, eliminating the need for intrusive and costly modifications. The unit has been meticulously designed to offer only the utmost convenience, and installation is simply a breeze.

    At the heart of the CYK-22 series is a series of technological advancements designed to enhance your living experience. The motorized filter panel is a game-changer, offering easy access as it lowers to the ground by up to 80 inches for hassle-free maintenance, promising a healthier and cleaner indoor atmosphere at all times. The built-in condensate pump is capable of lifting drainage water vertically by 30 inches to ensure optimal functionality and a moisture-free environment. Coupled with a range of smart features that allow for intuitive control and personalization, such as easier to install Wi-Fi control capabilities, the CYK-22 series offers a system that is at the crossroads of efficiency, innovation, and design. Step into the future of indoor climate control with the Pioneer CYK-22 series.

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