Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

When you’re choosing the right temperature control system for your home or commercial property, one of the largest decisions to make is whether to opt for a ducted or ductless system. As their names suggest, ducted systems are comprised of networks of ducts through which air is pumped from a central location, while ductless systems heat or cool one specific zone. Ductless systems offer several advantages, such as flexible placement and lower energy usage, but there are many reasons why you may want to choose ducted air conditioning instead. To determine if a ducted system is the best option for you, continue reading.

Aesthetic considerations

If you don’t like the appearance of a ductless system mounted on your wall or ceiling, a ducted system may be the right choice for you. Many ductless systems are sleek and unobtrusive, but ducted air conditioning systems are practically invisible. Aside from a small vent, ducted systems are completely hidden behind the walls of your home, so the appearance of your room remains unimpaired.

Your home already has ducts installed

If your property already has ductwork installed in the walls, choosing a ducted system may make the most sense. As long as your ducts are in good condition, utilizing them may be easier than installing several different ductless systems around your home. In such a case, all you’ll need to do is hook up a new central ducted air conditioning unit to the existing ducts, and you’re good to go.

You live in an area with a lot of humidity

Ductless systems can effectively heat, cool, and ventilate an area, but controlling humidity isn’t their strong suit. Ductless systems lack the mechanisms necessary to remove large amounts of moisture from the air and drain it away. As such, people who live in environments that experience a lot of humidity may benefit from choosing a ducted air conditioning system.

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