Tips for Operating Your Ductless Mini Split Smoothly

Tips for Operating Your Ductless Mini Split Smoothly

Ductless mini splits are known for their easy installation and operation—as well as their environmental friendliness and quietness. You can easily enjoy the many benefits of mini splits without any extra fuss, but you can take a few additional measures to ensure optimal performance, comfort, and efficiency. Here are some tips for operating your ductless mini split smoothly.

Keep your hands off the power button

You can easily adjust the temperature on your mini split system as much as you like. However, we suggest avoiding frequently turning your system on and off if you want it to run at optimal efficiency. Some homeowners try to conserve energy by turning their systems off when they aren’t at home, but doing so isn’t necessary when you have a mini split. Mini split systems actually work best when they run continuously. By allowing your mini split to run 24/7, it will use less energy and keep temperatures more consistent. As such, it’s best to avoid fiddling with the temperature settings as much as possible.

Go on autopilot

Most mini split systems offer the option to select auto modes for zone temperature and fan settings. When you select the auto setting, the system will automatically take measures to maintain the temperature you selected within one degree. In addition, the system will choose the most efficient fan speed for optimal comfort and energy savings based on the conditions of the space. Taking advantage of your mini split’s auto features will ensure you have the best user experience possible.

Mini maintenance for your mini split

To operate your ductless mini split smoothly, we suggest some minimal, routine maintenance efforts. Types of routine maintenance you should perform on your mini split include dusting the outside of the system and cleaning the air filters, pipes, and condenser. Taking such measures increases your mini split system’s lifespan and ensures the system effectively circulates warm and cool air.

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