What Is a Mini-Split Inverter Heat Pump?

What Is a Mini-Split Inverter Heat Pump?

While traditional home heating systems require intrusive ductwork to deliver warm air throughout a home, mini-split heat pumps provide an efficient alternative. Mini-split inverter heat pumps are a type of temperature-control system that are installed directly in the room they are heating so the warm air doesn’t have to be transported around the home. These systems offer several benefits such as increased energy efficiency, the ability to adjust the temperature of rooms individually, and simple installation. To learn more about what a mini-split inverter heat pumps is and how it operates, continue reading.

Inverter Technology in Mini-Split Systems

One of the features that really sets mini-split systems apart from other temperature control options is their use of inverter technology. Before we go into what inverter technology is, it is important to first understand the main components of a mini-split system.

Ductless mini-splits consist of two main components, the indoor handling unit and the outdoor compressor. Mini-split systems are easily installed by making a small, three-inch hole in a wall to connect the units together. The indoor unit blows cold air over heating coils to increase its temperature. The outdoor compressor is what is responsible for dispensing heat into the home.

In a temperature control system, there are essentially two types of compressors: a rotary compressor and an inverter. Traditional rotary compressors turn on with full power and then shut off completely when the desired temperature is reached. This all-or-nothing operation reduces both efficiency and comfort.

Mini-split heat pumps, however, consist of compressors with inverter technology. Such technology allows the heat pump to intelligently adjust heating output based on the temperature and conditions of the room it is located in. To do so, the unit samples the air and alters the compressor speed accordingly. By adjusting the speed to supply just enough heat to maintain your ideal temperature, less energy is wasted and comfort is enhanced.

Now that you know what a mini-split inverter heat pump is, you probably want one—or several—of your own. If you’re interested in installing a mini-split inverter heat pump in your home, shop the Pioneer Mini-Split Store. We offer a wide range of ductless heat pump systems that are easy to install, feature sleek aesthetics, and will help lower your home’s energy bill.