What To Do If Your Mini-Split Will Not Power On

What To Do If Your Mini-Split Will Not Power On

If your mini split system seems broken, don’t throw in the towel and start shopping for a new unit or commit to a costly repair visit right away. There may be a simple solution that only requires a bit of basic mini-split troubleshooting that you can potentially accomplish all on your own with mini-split AC accessories. Below, we have outlined an easy-to-follow guide on what to do if your mini-split will not power on to help you get to the bottom of the issue. 

Adjust the Mini-Split’s Settings

If your mini-split is not working, consider the potential for operational error. You might be surprised at how many reported mini-split issues are simply the result of incorrect settings. To ensure that you can’t resolve the problem with the simple touch of a button, check to see if you’ve set the system to “on” and “cool” first. Checking your settings will help you avoid spending a large chunk of money on a repair visit just to have the mechanic press a few buttons to resolve the issue. 

Make Sure the Remote Is Working Properly

Another common—and easily resolvable—reason why a mini-split will not power on properly is due to low batteries. If you use a remote control to turn your ductless split on and off, make sure that the remote’s batteries have enough juice in them. If not, your system won’t be able to power on. 

In the case that you have a Smart controller, you should also check to make sure your home’s WiFi is working. If your WiFi is down, the remote may not be able to communicate effectively with the mini-split system, which will prevent it from powering on.

Check Your Home’s Power

Another tip for what to do if your mini-split will not power on is to check your home’s power. Determine if your mini-split is the only appliance that isn’t turning on. If there are other appliances that aren’t working as well, then there is a chance that the issue isn’t with your mini-split system but with your home’s power supply. As such, you should take steps to find out if your home is experiencing a power outage or a blown fuse.

Call Your Mini-Split Provider

If you have tried these tips and still your mini-split compressor is not turning on, then feel free to contact the Pioneer Mini Split Store. Our customer service team is happy to answer any of your questions, even after you have made your purchase, to ensure that you’re able to enjoy the many benefits of your mini-split system. For more information regarding our products or to enlist the help of our customer service team to troubleshoot an issue, contact us today at (800) 919-0150.