Essential Ductless Mini-Split Accessories

Essential Ductless Mini-Split Accessories

Installing a mini-split is a relatively simple process in comparison to other types of home temperature control systems. As such, many homeowners may take the initiative to install their system themselves rather than hire a professional. In order to successfully install a mini-split system in your home, you will need to purchase a variety of accessories. If you aren’t familiar with installing mini-split systems, determining all the extra accessories that the process requires can be a little intimidating. Don’t worry, we are here to make things easier for you. Below, we have included a helpful list of some of the essential ductless mini-split accessories that will help ensure that the installation process is smooth and successful.

Line Sets

A line set is a vital accessory that is required to install all types of mini-splits. It serves the crucial role of connecting the outdoor unit of a mini-split system to the indoor unit. The line set consists of wiring and a pair of copper tubes that allow refrigerant to flow between the indoor and outdoor condenser units. In doing so, they ensure that heat can be delivered or removed from a given zone.

Generally, you will need to purchase one line set for every indoor mini-split unit that you wish to install in your home or commercial area. Line sets come in various sizes and lengths. To determine the size of the line set that you need, check the installation manual of your mini-split system. In most cases, the size of the line set will match the size of the connections at the indoor unit.

To choose the length of the line set that you require, you will need to determine the distance between your indoor unit and outdoor condenser unit. When calculating this distance, make sure to account for any turns that must take place when running the line between the two systems. If you have questions regarding what size or length of line set your system needs, you can always contact our dedicated customer service team at The Pioneer Mini-Split Store.

Line Set Adapters

Speaking of line sets, there may be some instances where the size of the line set that your indoor unit requires doesn’t match the port connections of the mini-split’s outdoor unit. In such a case, a line set adapter is required.

Simply select the line set that was recommended in your mini-splits installation manual and use a line set adapter to connect it to the condenser. To do so, you will need to make sure that the female connection size of the adapter matches the connection port on the unit. In addition, the line set size must match the adapter’s male connection size.

Disconnect Switch or Box

Another essential ductless mini-split accessory is a disconnect switch or box. A disconnect switch or disconnect box is an accessory that makes it possible to shut off power to the mini-split system. This capability is essential when performing any maintenance, services, or repairs to the mini-split. In many areas in the United States, it is required by code to install this physical power disconnection unit near the condenser of a mini-split system. To determine if a disconnect switch or box is required in your area, contact your local HVAC Technician.

Drain Tubing

If you are installing a mini-split that will be used to cool your home, drain tubing is essential. When cooling a home, mini-split systems remove moisture from the air and condense it into a liquid. Drain tubing will ensure that such liquid is properly drained from the mini-split unit. To do so, it provides a pathway for the water so that it can flow from the unit into a suitable location.

Mounting Brackets or a Condenser Pad

Unless you are replacing an existing mini-split system where there is already a place for you to put the new unit, you will likely need to purchase a condenser pad or mounting brackets. A condenser pad is the most popular mounting option for outdoor mini-split units. It will serve as a place for you to mount the outdoor unit of your mini-split system on the ground and provide the support necessary to ensure that the unit is kept stable.

If you don’t have any ground space available to place the outdoor unit, mounting brackets are a great alternative option. Mounting brackets can be installed on an exterior wall and serve as a sort of shelf for your unit to be positioned on. Such brackets are a great option for second story mini-split applications.

Surge Protector

While not needed for installation purposes, another highly recommended accessory for your ductless mini-split system is a surge protector. In the case of a power surge where voltage exceeds maximum capacity, your home’s appliances—including your ductless mini-split—can become damaged. In some cases, your mini-split system can become completely fried. It is wise to invest in a surge protector to prevent damage to your ductless mini-split system which can result in costly repairs or replacements.

Additional Controls

To improve the functionality and convenience of operating your mini-split system, you may also wish to invest in additional controls. While all our mini-split systems come with a remote, purchasing additional controllers will provide the ability to control the system’s temperature in several different rooms if you have a multi-zone system. 

At The Pioneer Mini-Split Store, we offer a variety of replacement remote controllers as well as smart remotes that allow you to control your mini-split units from virtually anywhere using your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app.

The Pioneer Mini-Split Store is a leading provider of top-quality mini-split products. We offer a wide variety of ducted and ductless splits in both single and multi-zone configurations. Whether you are interested in a wall-mount, ceiling cassette, or floor-mounted unit, you can find it all here, along with incredible customer service that extends long after the sale has been completed. To learn more about our exceptional mini-split units or for answers to any questions regarding the installation process, contact us today.

Essential Ductless Mini-Split Accessories