The Difference Between Inverter+ and Inverter++

The Difference Between Inverter+ and Inverter++

Mini-split systems are equipped with inverter technology that allows them to scan the temperature of a room and adjust the heating or cooling output of the system accordingly. As a result, the system is able to operate more efficiently and facilitate a consistent, comfortable environment. At the Pioneer Mini-Split Store, we offer both Inverter+ and Inverter++ mini-split systems. To learn about some of the main differences between Inverter+ and Inverter++ mini-split systems so that you can determine which option is best for you, continue reading.

Heating Performance

A key difference between Inverter+ and Inverter++ systems is the heating performance they provide. While the regular Inverter+ unit stops heating at outside temperatures of 5°F, the Inverter++ system can provide heating for outside temperatures as low as -13°F.

In addition to providing heating at lower outside temperatures, the Inverter++ also maintains more heating capacity while approaching lower ambient temperatures, starting at 40°F and below. The ability to maintain heating capacity for such low outside temperatures is largely due to the fact that the Inverter++ comes equipped with an auxiliary heat strip in the outdoor unit.

The SEER Rating

Another prominent difference between Inverter+ and Inverter++ systems is their SEER rating. An Inverter++ system always has a higher SEER than an Inverter+ system with the same BTU.

The SEER rating of temperature control systems refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It divides the cooling output of an AC system by the energy it consumes in watts per hour. Typically, a higher SEER indicates that the system is more efficient. Because the Inverter++ system has a higher SEER than an Inverter+ system, it uses less electricity to deliver the same performance and ultimately costs less to run.

Energy-Star Rating

The Energy-Star rating of Inverter+ and Inverter++ systems also differs. Due to the greater energy efficiency of Inverter++ systems, which is evinced by their higher SEER, all our Inverter++ systems are Energy-Star rated.

When a device has an Energy-Star rating, this means that it meets specific federally mandated guidelines that pertain to energy efficiency. By purchasing a device with an Energy-Star rating, customers may be eligible for certain rebates.

If you are interested in purchasing a top-quality mini-split system with Inverter+ or Inverter++ technology, shop the Pioneer Mini Split Store. We offer an extensive inventory of several different types of mini-split systems such as wall, floor, and ceiling-mount mini-splits. For more information regarding our innovative systems, contact us today.