What You Should Know About Concealed Duct Mini-Split Systems

What You Should Know About Concealed Duct Mini-Split Systems

One of the main drawbacks associated with popular mini-split configurations such as wall- or floor-mounted splits is that they’re too visible. For homeowners who would prefer a more discreet heating and cooling option, a concealed duct mini-split is an ideal solution. Unlike most mini-split configurations, these systems are designed so that most of their major components are installed behind a wall, ceiling, attic, or crawl space, leaving the system almost completely out of sight. To learn more about these advantageous HVAC options, here’s what you should know about concealed duct mini-split systems.

Benefits of concealed mini-split systems

  • Discreet appearance: Perhaps the main benefit of a concealed duct air conditioner is their discreet design. Because most of the primary components of these systems are hidden, homeowners can enjoy the many benefits of a mini-split without the appearance of an exposed indoor handler that most configurations have.
  • Optimized space: These systems are primarily installed behind various features of the home rather than on the outside of a wall, you can enjoy an increased amount of wall space in your home.
  • Grille customization options: A concealed mini-split pushes temperature-controlled air through ductwork before releasing it through a ceiling or wall grille. To ensure the system suits the aesthetic of your home, you can choose from a variety of different grille options for each zone.

Considerations when installing a concealed duct mini-split system

Concealed duct mini-split installation is possible in almost any area of the home. Make sure to choose an area where the structure is strong enough to hold at least twice the weight of the system. Another important thing to know about the concealed duct mini-split regarding installation is that the location of the system should provide plenty of space around the unit so that you can easily access it if maintenance is required. It’s also imperative to install your mini-split in an area with good insulation. Doing so will prevent condensation from forming and damaging the system.

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