The Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split Inverter

The Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split Inverter

Most traditional heating and cooling units utilize a rotary compressor, but ductless mini-splits are equipped with inverter technology. This technology offers numerous advantages, such as improved energy-efficiency and enhanced comfort. To learn about more about the many benefits of a ductless mini-split inverter, continue reading.

Improved energy-efficiency

Perhaps the most notable benefit of a ductless mini-split inverter is its efficiency. Compared to fixed-speed rotary compressors, ductless mini-split inverters allow the system to operate at variable speeds and constantly adapt to the heating and cooling needs of a given environment, rather than operating at one given speed at a single designated temperature. The ability of the system to tailor its heating and cooling based on the conditions of the environment results in increased energy-efficiency. Because heating and cooling accounts for more than half of a home’s total energy use, opting for a temperature control system with better energy-efficiency can have substantial effects on your carbon footprint and utility bill.

Enhanced comfort

As we previously stated, ductless mini-split inverter technology allows the system to deliver hot or cold air at variable speeds depending on the temperature conditions of the space in which it’s located. This ability doesn’t just result in increased energy-efficiency—it also greatly enhances one’s comfort. Rather than kicking out too much or too little air, inverter technology provides the precise amount of air needed to maintain the desired temperature. Such tailored temperature control allows people in the space to enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

Reduced noise

If you’ve ever been in a space that uses a temperature control system equipped with a rotary compressor rather than with inverter technology, you’re likely familiar with the excess noise traditional systems produce. They kick on at full blast, pushing a ton of cold air into a space until the desired temperature is reached. Then, they shut off until the temperature in the area gets too high again before kicking back on. This noisy cycle continues indefinitely. However, inverter technology allows systems to operate continuously without the need to noisily shut on and off. As such, mini-split units with inverter technology are far quieter than their rotary compressor counterparts.

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