How Ductless Multi-Zone Cooling and Heating Works

How Ductless Multi-Zone Cooling and Heating Works

When you choose to heat or cool your home using a mini-split system, you have two main options: you can install multiple individual systems or opt for a multi-zone system. Choosing a multi-zone system is often more advantageous for heating several different rooms of a house. To learn more about what these systems are and how ductless multi-zone cooling and heating works, continue reading.

What Is a Ductless Multi-Zone System?

A ductless multi-zone system is a type of mini-split system in which multiple indoor units are all connected to a single compressor, rather than individual compressors serving each indoor unit. Generally, one compressor can be connected to up to eight indoor units. The exact number of indoor units that need to be linked to the compressor depends on how many rooms, or “zones,” you want to heat or cool. Unlike central heating and cooling systems, which heat and cool the entire home at a single set temperature, ductless multi-zone systems heat and cool each zone individually at varying temperatures. 

How a Ductless Multi-Zone System Works

Ductless multi-zone systems provide zone-specific cooling and heating through the use of designated thermostats, which are installed in each zone. You can easily alter the settings on the individual thermostats by using a remote control to set different temperature levels in each room without affecting the others.

The system also uses inverter technology to improve its efficiency and comfort. This technology allows the system to monitor the temperature in each individual room and change its heating and cooling output accordingly, rather than operating at one consistent speed like a rotary compressor.

The Pioneer Mini Split Store’s Multi-Zone Systems

The Pioneer Mini Split Store is a leading provider of multi-split AC and heating systems. Depending on your home’s heating and cooling needs, we offer dual-zone, triple-zone, quad-zone, and quint-zone systems. For more information regarding our innovative multi-split heating and cooling systems, contact us today.