Choosing Between Multi-Zone and Single-Zone Ductless Systems

Choosing Between Multi-Zone and Single-Zone Ductless Systems

After determining that an efficient mini-split system is the right choice for cooling, heating, and ventilating your home, your next decision is whether to opt for a single- or multi-zone system. Each configuration option has benefits that are uniquely suited to specific applications. If you’re having trouble choosing between a multi-zone and a single-zone ductless system for your home, take a look at this side-by-side comparison of the two options.

What Is a Multi-Zone Mini Split?

A multi-zone system consists of two or more interior units that can be connected to a single exterior compressor so that multiple rooms can be heated or cooled with one mini-split system.

When To Choose a Multi-Zone Mini Split

Multi-zone mini split systems are ideal for homeowners who seek to heat or cool multiple rooms in their homes. For example, if you want to control the temperature of multiple bedrooms and a living room, it would typically make more sense to invest in a multi-zone system with only one outdoor unit rather than go through the hassle of installing multiple outdoor units.

What Is a Single-Zone Mini Split?

A single-zone mini split system refers to a configuration in which there is one outdoor compressor and one interior unit for each room or “zone” for which the homeowner wishes to control the temperature.

When To Choose a Single-Zone Mini Split

Single-zone mini split systems are ideal for situations in which you need only one area to be heated or cooled. For example, if you added a room to your home or are converting an attic into a livable space, installing a single-zone mini split system is an easy way to increase the comfort of the individual space.

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