How Are Ducted Central Split HVAC Units Installed?

How Are Ducted Central Split HVAC Units Installed?

If you’re looking for the best and most comfortable air conditioning unit for your home, central air is always the go-to option. Central air split units are great, but how are ducted central split HVAC units installed? We’ve got the answer to that and more below.

How Ducted Central Split HVAC Units Work

First, let’s go over precisely what ducted central split HVAC units are and how they work. There are two kinds of central AC units: split and packaged. Split units have an outside component and an inside cabinet working in tandem, while the packaged unit is one piece installed outside. In a basic sense, both types of units pull air from the outside, cool it, and spread it throughout the house via your home’s ductwork.

Pros of Installing Your Unit Yourself

If you’ve got a central air split unit ready to go and you don’t want to wait for a professional, you can always install it yourself. There are some advantages to turning this into a do-it-yourself project, namely that it’ll cost you less than hiring a professional. Plus, you can work on your schedule instead of someone else’s. However, you’ll need to acquire some legal permits to install the unit yourself, which means filling out applications and making calls to your local government.

How To Install Your Unit

Now for the actual installation. Remember that your central air split unit will come with detailed instructions for installation, so we’ll mostly be going over the general guidelines of what you can expect. First, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper unit for your home. Check the ductwork to be sure air is flowing correctly, with no leaks. You may have to enter the crawl space or remove flooring to confirm the ductwork is functioning properly.

Next, you’ll pick locations for your outdoor unit and indoor cabinet. Ideally, you’ll put them both somewhere accessible but out of the way so that they’re not too loud. Outside units generally go either on the roof or on a concrete slab outside.

Once you’ve got the proper ductwork and the units in their respective locations, you can connect your unit to the ductwork. If you’re replacing an old AC unit or installing a new one that needs refrigerant, you’ll need proper certification to do this yourself.

Not every unit is the same, but the next steps are usually to measure out the drain piping before connecting the thermostat and electrical lines. After that, you’ll want to eliminate contaminants in the refrigerant lines so that everything is clean and fresh. Now your unit should be ready to go! Give it a quick test to make sure everything’s operating smoothly.

That’s a general guide on how to install a ducted central split HVAC unit yourself. There are benefits to making it a DIY project, but if you ever need help or guidance, feel free to consult the professionals at the Pioneer Mini Split Store!