10 Causes of HVAC Airflow Issues in Your Home

10 Causes of HVAC Airflow Issues in Your Home

There’s quite a difference in the comfort level of your home when the airflow is great and when it’s not so great. If your HVAC is working against poor airflow, it’s working extra hard to cool down the house. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 causes of HVAC airflow issues in your home. If your airflow seems lacking, it might be due to one of the following:

Blocked Air Vents

Rugs, furniture, or items lying around sometimes make their ways on top of air vents, blocking the airflow. Inspect each vent and make sure it isn’t covered. Also, if it’s stuck closed, replace the vent altogether.

Wrong-Size HVAC Unit

If your AC unit is too small, it won’t be powerful enough to cool or heat more space than it was made to. However, don’t assume that bigger is better. A professional will know the right-size unit for your home.

Clogged Filters

Keep your filters clean to create better airflow. The frequency with which you need to change or clean filters varies on your household—the number of people and pets home makes a difference.

Damaged Ductwork

Over time, even the best ductwork becomes damaged with age and use. Dents, bends, and cracks all have a negative effect on airflow. When this happens, get the ducts repaired or consider installing a ductless system.

Worn-Out Fans

The fan or blower on your unit runs using a motor, and it’s critical to airflow. Without proper maintenance, and even with age, those fans eventually wear out.

Damaged Condenser

Your central air system has a unit outside with condenser fins. They’re constantly exposed to the outside elements, making damage nearly impossible to avoid. Once they’re bent, airflow will be restricted, so have them checked yearly and repaired when necessary.

Debris Buildup

Again, because the condenser is outside, it needs regular cleaning to avoid debris buildup. Debris can get stuck in many parts of your unit, causing damage and airflow issues.

Leaking Refrigerant

One of the 10 causes of HVAC airflow issues in your home is leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is used to maintain proper pressure levels for the unit. Without it, the airflow diminishes.

Broken Thermostat

If your airflow is less than desirable, check the thermostat. It may not be working properly or it might just be set wrong. If you aren’t happy with the airflow, try running the fan on constant instead of auto and see how that goes.

Outdated HVAC System

Here’s the one none of us want to face: an outdated system. After a decade or more of use, an HVAC system has been through a lot. It may be time to replace yours if the airflow is bad. Ask your HVAC professional for their opinion.

We rely on our HVAC systems every day to keep our homes feeling comfortable. When airflow slows, there’s no need to panic. Check these areas we’ve discussed, and go from there.

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