DYR Features

Ultra-Flexible Lineset Routing

When it comes to connecting the outdoor condenser to the indoor air handler, Pioneer's DYR series offers an industry-leading allowability for both difference in height (98 feet) as well as total length of run (164 feet for 24K and 246 feet for 36K and above).



More Uniform Room Temperatures

With a powerful static pressure output of up to 0.8 inches w.c., you can be assured that the system will quickly move air to minimize differences in air temperature throughout the home.



Compact Side-Discharge Condenser

Take advantage of a more modern outdoor unit design, which both frees up more floor space and provides much better protection in tough weather conditions than the typical top-discharge type.



Better Comfort, Better Efficiency

The DYR series features a twin rotary inverter-type compressor that can adjust output level between 25% and 110%, to perfectly heat and cool your home while drawing minimal energy. This technology is also featured in the system's computer board to assist in capacity adjustment, and keep the home at your desired temperature without fluctuations.



Low-Ambient Heating

Pioneer's DYR series is perfect for all year-round home climate management, being able to provide continuous heat pump heating down to outside temperatures as low as -13°F. The condenser comes with a built-in drain pan heater and the air handler includes a 5 or 10kW strip heater to provide supplemental heating (optional). The 24K, 36K, and 48K BTU options have even achieved the coveted Energy Star™ Cold-Climate certification.



Extreme-Weather Cooling

Scorching hot weather is no problem when it comes to this highly capable machine. Enjoy full capacity at temperatures all the way up to 122°F, eliminating any worries about your system keeping up. Use your new system to cool in below freezing weather as well, for specialized applications.