What To Know About the Sounds Coming From Your Mini Split

What To Know About the Sounds Coming From Your Mini Split

Heating and cooling your home is much more convenient with a well-placed mini split. They offer flexibility for inefficient spaces and mobility for installation nearly anywhere.

If your mini split isn’t running correctly, it could cause long-term damage or require replacement. Here’s what to know about the sounds coming from your mini split.


One of the most common noises people hear coming from their mini split is rattling. If your indoor or outdoor unit rattles, it probably means something is stuck inside, or an internal component came loose.

First, check to make sure everything is held together tightly. Ensure the casing is screwed in tightly so it doesn’t shake during operation. Dirt, leaves, twigs, and other types of debris can get into the compressor since it’s exposed to the elements. A licensed technician can take it apart and clean it to ensure everything works correctly.

Cracking or Popping

Another common noise you may hear from your mini split is cracking or popping. This sound isn’t anything to be concerned about since it occurs when the unit lets off excess heat. The noise comes from the expansion and contraction of plastic components due to temperature changes.

The sound may seem worse depending on where your mini split is located. A ceiling-concealed mini split may reverberate throughout the entire home. However, getting to know your equipment and what normal operating conditions look like will allow you to fix issues when they occur.

Humming or Buzzing

Outdoor units sometimes make humming or buzzing sounds. If this occurs, you should immediately check the equipment for electrical problems. Humming and buzzing are often indicators of a bad connection and happen when the unit attempts to draw more power than it’s designed for.

Overheating mini splits can pose a hazard to you and your family since it could cause electric shock or even a fire. Get your unit professionally inspected immediately if you hear a humming or buzzing noise since it indicates a severe issue.

Check Your Mini Split Regularly

Mini splits do a lot of heavy lifting, and, in some cases, they run constantly. If there’s an issue with your unit, you’ll want to know immediately so you can fix it before it’s too late.

Knowing about the sounds coming from your mini split and what causes them will allow you to quickly judge when something seems off.