Tips for Filter Maintenance in Ductless Mini Splits

Tips for Filter Maintenance in Ductless Mini Splits

The convenience and pleasures of ductless mini split systems should not overshadow the fact that their performance requires periodic maintenance. Take the time to look after your system’s filter, in particular. A filter is literally all that’s standing between your device and the assorted dust, dander, and debris in the air. Here are a few tips for filter maintenance in ductless mini splits. Before you get started, review your owner’s manual, and familiarize yourself with the location of the filters in your device.

Basic Cleaning

For starters, it never hurts to add ductless mini splits to your regular cleaning routine. Wipe down the device on occasion to keep the exterior dust-free. Turn it off before you do so! Then, pop open the panel and gently remove the filters. Be cautious, and don’t allow any dust to fall into the machine. If it’s dusty, vacuum out the interior of the mini split, especially near where the filters rest. If need be, wipe down the interior, too, but be careful not to damage the machinery.

Filter Cleaning

If the filters aren’t particularly dirty, a quick wipe-down or gentle vacuuming with a brush attachment should be enough. If the filter still seems dirty, take it to your kitchen sink and spray it with warm water. A mild solution of detergent and warm water applied with a soft sponge should remove built-up grime. Once you’re done, gently rinse the filters, then allow them to air dry. Don’t return them to the device until they are completely dry.

Other Cleaning Steps

Help the filters, and the rest of the mini split for that matter, work better and last longer by checking up on the outdoor unit. Inspect it during the changing of the seasons. If it seems blocked with leaves, dirt, and other detritus, clean it off. Wipe the entire unit down with a damp cloth, as well. The goal is to catch anything that might enter the device and cause damage. Keeping it clean and tidy is an aesthetic plus!

Call an Expert

Perhaps the most important tip for filter maintenance in ductless mini splits is to schedule yearly cleaning and maintenance with the installer or another technician. They can test the system for coding errors, clear the drain line and pan, check for leaks and refrigerant pressure, and clean the interior coils and other elements you can’t reach. Letting an expert inspect and clean the device will guarantee years of service and no unpleasant surprises during the next heat wave!