5 Reasons Why Mini Splits Are Energy Efficient

5 Reasons Why Mini Splits Are Energy Efficient

Many new-age homes are fitted with mini split air conditioning units and for a good reason. These little units are armed with all the basics anyone would expect of an air conditioner but on a higher level. To explain further, here are five reasons why mini splits are energy efficient.

They Work in Zones

These units are designed to cover a specific amount of square footage. How that maps out on a floor plan will determine how much of the area will be cooled. This is nice because you can designate different mini splits around your house and create different zones. It also means you have more control over what you’re heating and cooling, and you can designate what you want to run and when you want to run it.

Ductwork Is Not Required

Mini splits don’t interfere with ductwork, as they have none. Ceiling ductless mini splits are built directly into your ceiling and have a direct line hooked up from the system to the room they will ventilate air into. This prevents allergens like dust and dander from circulating in the home. Mini splits also keep your home cooler or warmer at a fraction of the energy a traditional air conditioner unit would use.

High-Level Technology

The compressor system inside a mini split differs much from a traditional air conditioning unit. It’s much quieter and generally smoother when they do run. These systems use less electricity because they don’t need as much power to operate, making them the perfect ventilation equipment.

Transfers Heat Rather Than Generates It

Yet another great feature of mini splits is that they don’t generate heat but rather transfer it. Heating elements require a lot of energy, so an alternative heating source can pull from your current heater or use the air from outside to heat the home in the same way that it cools.

Heating and Cooling

As stated earlier, these systems cool well, but they also heat. You don’t want to be stuck in the dead of winter without heat. You already have air conditioning, but it’s always best to have an alternative heating source, even with a heater. If one happens to go out due to the cold or old age, you’ll have another to back it up.

These five reasons explain why mini splits are energy efficient. Check one out for yourself, and you’ll instantly see the benefit of adding it to your home.