Why Your Doghouse Needs an Air Conditioner

Why Your Doghouse Needs an Air Conditioner

As man’s designated best friend, dogs deserve the royal treatment. They do so much for their owners, from providing company to constantly putting a smile on people’s faces. Their unwavering loyalty and adorableness deserve to be reciprocated with a decked-out doghouse.

Doghouses give your canine companion a place to sleep, shade from the outdoors, and a little private alcove just for them. Like any home, a doghouse also benefits from added design features like a mini-split system. Here is why you should consider installing an air conditioner for your doghouse.

The Dangers of an Overheated Dog

When outdoors for an extended period of time, your dog risks overheating. They can also overheat in indoor spaces that lack any temperature control. Whether your dog sports a fluffy hairdo or a buzz cut, is a German shepherd or a chihuahua, high heat will affect your dog. Like humans, high temperatures and humidity levels cause a range of health concerns and issues for dogs. It creates risks of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and breathing difficulties. Keeping your dog cool in high temperatures ensures your beloved puppy stays happy and healthy.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioner

Adding an air conditioner to your doghouse gives your pup a cool place to rest in the shade when outdoors. Most doghouses feature a simple design that often includes an enclosed structure with a small dog-sized archway. Despite providing ample shade, doghouses still capture a lot of heat in warm and humid atmospheres. The larger the space, the more heat it traps. Installing an air conditioner gives your outdoor doggy home a cool, temperature-controlled indoor atmosphere. It’ll ensure your dog avoids heat exhaustion and stays comfortable, even on a hot summer day.

The Best AC for Your Doghouse

Air conditioners come in numerous forms. Since a doghouse is a fairly small, single-zoned space, the best AC for it is a ductless mini split. Their ductless design makes them compact and easy to install, perfect for cooling your dog’s private little outdoor nook. When you buy ductless mini split systems, you purchase a multifaceted device to optimize any indoor space and combat heat and cold temperatures. During cooler seasons, you can switch the mini split’s cycle and provide a warm outdoor spot for your dog to enjoy.

Your doghouse needs an air conditioner to ensure your adorable pup stays cool while relishing the outdoors. AC upgrades human homes with ideal indoor comfort and atmospheres. It also gives your dog the royal treatment, ensuring they receive the optimized care they deserve. Keep your pup cool in summer, warm in winter, and happy all year round with their very own doghouse set up with a ductless mini split system.