Why Mini Split Systems Are Good for Old Homes

Why Mini Split Systems Are Good for Old Homes

Heating and cooling older homes can be problematic if you don't have a reliable system. Ignoring the issue will only make it harder to maintain a consistent temperature and stay comfortable.

Luckily, there's a modern solution that can completely replace your traditional HVAC unit. Here's why mini split systems are suitable for old homes.

Easy Installation

The best part about mini split systems is that they're easy to install and maintain. If your older home has limited space, a mini split system will enable you to improve the heating and cooling without installing large, unwieldy equipment.

Most mini splits are only about a foot high and twice as wide. The limited space requirements make it easy to get them up and running without much effort. Finding an open area that you can easily access for maintenance will allow you to keep yours in good condition.

Improved Efficiency

Mini splits also provide homeowners with improved efficiency for their heating and cooling needs, saving them money and reducing energy consumption. A mini split doesn't rely on your older home's HVAC system. Instead, it’s a self-contained unit capable of moving air where needed.

If you have space limitations, a ducted mini split system can quickly move air from one point in the home to another without leaks. A ducted mini split will allow you to control your home's climate without installing the unit in the room.


Another great thing about mini splits is that they're flexible and can go nearly anywhere. They don't need much space to operate since they usually hang from the ceiling or a wall. No matter how big the rooms in your old home are, a mini split can provide adequate heating and cooling for your convenience.

A well-maintained mini split will last over a decade. It can run all day long without experiencing too much strain. Adding a mini split for your home's heating and cooling can increase the property value and make the space more comfortable for occupants.

Keep Your Old Home Comfortable All Year

If you have an older home, then keeping it at the optimal temperature can be difficult. Drafts, old ducts, and outdated HVAC units can make it harder to adjust the climate.

Knowing why mini split systems are good for old homes will allow you to improve your heating and cooling without committing to a big project.