What To Set Your Thermostat to While Away

What To Set Your Thermostat to While Away

If you plan to take a trip for several days or more, ensure you’re not wasting money and energy on heating and cooling your home. Sometimes a residence or office space should maintain a certain temperature to ensure high or low temps don’t hurt your property, plants, or pets. Follow this quick guide about what to set your thermostat to while away. You’ll notice the difference in your monthly bill and keep your home safe from the damaging effects of heat and cold.

Time After Time

The first thing to keep in mind while deciding on your thermostat setting is how long you plan to be away. On average, it’s best to keep the temperature at about 78 degrees in summer and 68 degrees in winter. While some may argue that you should raise or lower the temperature in your home every time you leave, it’s not always sensible to do so. If you plan to be away for four hours or less, leave your thermostat alone. If you shut it off or reduce the temperature for such a short time, you will have to waste more energy bringing the temp back up to comfortable levels when you return. However, if you plan to leave for eight hours—at work or running errands—feel free to drop it by 10 degrees or so. You’ll save time, money, and electricity and/or gas. Incidentally, consider raising or lowering it while you sleep to save even more.

Read Your Region

Obviously, weather and temperatures vary throughout the world. Accordingly, you must consider the climate of your home state. In the summer, a southern home can face the dual-edged sword of heat and humidity. Setting your air conditioner to 80 or 85 degrees can combat severe heat while keeping the place dry and free from mold, mildew, and more. In a colder climate, set the heat at 55 or 60 degrees to prevent the pipes from freezing up, cracking, and leaking. An inverted ducted split system​ or similar HVAC device can keep temperatures at a steady level without damaging your home or wallet.

Smart Thinking

If you feel you need some variety in your thermostat settings, invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are programmable. You won’t need to worry about what to set your thermostat to while away. Program a smart thermostat to raise and lower the temperature throughout the day according to this guide. Some thermostats can even detect fluctuations in the temps and adjust the settings to match, while others come with an app that allows you to monitor the situation and use your phone to make changes as needed.