What to Know About Wall-Mounted Mini-Splits

What to Know About Wall-Mounted Mini-Splits

If you’re interested in efficiently heating, cooling, and ventilating your space, you may want to consider installing a wall-mounted mini-split system in your home. A wall-mounted mini-split is a type of ductless temperature control system that you can easily mount on the wall of your home. Before installing one of these systems in your home, read up on what to know about wall-mounted mini-splits.

Benefits of a wall-mounted mini-split

All mini-split systems offer a range of attractive benefits, such as their compact size, energy-efficient operation, enhanced air quality, and zone-specific temperature control. However, some of the main benefits of wall-mounted mini-splits over other configuration options such as floor-mounted or ceiling cassette styles include:

  • Availability: Wall-mounted mini-splits are the most popular configuration, which means they’re widely available in a variety of style options.
  • Affordability: Because wall-mounted mini-split systems are the most popular and widely manufactured configuration, they’re also generally the most affordable type of mini-split system.
  • Easy installation: Wall-mounted mini-split systems are the easiest type of mini-split to install. To install them, all you must do is mount them on the wall where the refrigerant lines and connecting wire enter through a small three-inch hole.

Considerations when installing a wall-mounted mini-split

In addition to the benefits they can provide, another important thing to know about wall-mounted mini-splits is the installation process. If you’re interested in installing a wall-mounted mini-split in your home, it’s important to ensure your walls are at least seven feet tall. Typically, these mini-splits must be mounted around six feet high on a wall. If the mini-split is mounted too low, then it may not be able to effectively distribute air throughout the room, and its heating and cooling capabilities will be inhibited.

It is also important to note that you cannot mount wall-mounted mini-split systems on a sloped wall. They must be mounted horizontally on a vertical wall in order to function properly. Additionally, you should avoid installing the system near appliances that could cause electromagnetic interference, such as a microwave or TV.

If you’re interested in installing a wall-mounted mini-split system in your home, check out the extensive collection of top-quality systems at the Pioneer Mini-Split Store. For more information on our wide range of mini-split options for your home or commercial area, contact us today.