What’s a Concealed Duct Mini-Split System?

What’s a Concealed Duct Mini-Split System?

A concealed duct mini-split system is a heating, ventilation, and cooling device that distributes warm or cool air through a structure without ducting. It’s different from ductless mini splits, which are self-contained units affixed to a wall. Concealed duct mini-split systems, however, connect to a main unit in an attic, crawl space, or outside and use ducts that run through the walls and ceilings to blow conditioned air. As for why you’d want a concealed duct mini-split system, here are a few of the pluses.

Limited Space Challenges

Though “duct” is part of the name, concealed duct mini split systems don’t use ductwork in the sense of boxy metal conduits running under the floors and through the walls. Instead, they employ thin pipes that snake through those spaces and deliver just as much pleasantly warmed or cooled air. Some buildings, particularly old ones that predate air conditioning, lack the necessary space for modern HVAC systems. Concealed duct mini-split systems offer a sightlier and less space-taking alternative.

Energy Efficient

Concealed duct mini split units are well-known for their energy efficiency in comparison to ducted forced air HVAC systems. They contain air better and waste little energy during operation. Plus, they distribute air more efficiently throughout a space. With concealed duct mini splits, you can divide your home into zones with room-specific temperature control. That means the air goes where you want it rather than it being inconsistent.

Air Quality

Many forced air systems and other HVAC units offer air purification, but not all of them. Old-fashioned ducted systems, with their many feet of metal conduits, trap dust, dust mites, mold, pet dander, hair, dirt, and other air-borne allergy-provoking substances. Concealed duct systems often have built-in filtration systems with HEPA air filters that remove allergens and other unpleasant elements from the air.

What’s Next?

Now that you know what a concealed duct mini-split system is, you might wonder if it’s the right choice for your house, office, or other building. A concealed duct mini spit is a good choice for many reasons—space availability, energy efficiency, and air quality—so your choice depends on whether these factors fulfill your needs. Contact us today for further questions about installing a mini split slim duct system and whether it’s the best selection. We also offer ductless mini splits and other systems, so you have plenty of alternatives!