Ways To Keep Your Mini-Split Working Through the Winter

Ways To Keep Your Mini-Split Working Through the Winter

During the winter, when temperatures can dip below freezing, extra stress is placed on your mini-split system. As a result, the system can experience additional wear and tear, which may cause it to experience malfunctions and reduced efficiency. To ensure your system works properly when you need it the most, you must perform winter mini-split maintenance. These are some of the best ways to keep your mini-split working through the winter.

Install the Outdoor Unit Under a Source of Coverage

During the winter, snowfall can accumulate on top of the mini-split’s outdoor unit and prevent it from effectively drawing in air. If the system can’t absorb outside air, it won’t be able to heat the air and release it into your home. Thus, the mini-split in winter will be rendered ineffective at warming your home.

To ensure the system works properly throughout the winter, you must prevent snow from accumulating on top of its exterior unit. To do so, install the outdoor unit under an overhang, roof, or other form of coverage. In addition, you should also regularly check up on the system—especially after heavy snowfall—to brush off any snow that may have accumulated.

Elevate the Outdoor Unit

Installing a mini-split winter cover over a system may prevent snow from falling on top of it, but the system may still be exposed to ground snow. If ground snow gets too high, the exterior unit of the mini-split may suck in the snow. The system will then have to work harder to melt the snow, and it may not be able to effectively heat your home.

To prevent the outdoor unit from coming in contact with snow, consider mounting it higher up. Generally, outdoor mini-split units should be installed at least two feet off the ground for optimal protection.

Turn On the Mini-Split’s Defrost Setting

Another important way to keep your mini-split working through the winter is to turn on the mini-split defrost setting, which you can find in the condenser controls. If you don’t use your mini-split defrost mode and temperatures drop below freezing, moisture produced by the condenser coil can turn into frost. Over time, ice can start to build up on the coils, which will prevent the system from working effectively. As such, it’s essential to turn on your mini-split’s defrost setting during the winter.

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