Tips on Renovating Your Garage

Tips on Renovating Your Garage

When it comes to home renovations, garages often get neglected in preference of updating more livable areas of the home. However, renovating one’s garage can have numerous benefits on your home’s value and comfort. For helpful tips on renovating your garage to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible, continue reading.

Create a budget

Failing to establish your garage renovation budget can result in unfortunate financial surprises. Before starting your renovation project, carefully plan out all the updates and changes you want to make and estimate their costs. In doing so, you can determine which renovations are worth the money and which ones you may need to forgo for the time being. When estimating your budget, provide a little cushion to account for any extra renovation expenses that may unexpectedly arise—especially if you’re planning on altering electrical lines or plumbing.

Improve ventilation

Whether you’re using your garage to store your vehicles or as a workshop, proper ventilation inside a garage is essential. Without proper ventilation, harmful fumes and chemicals generated from your vehicle or machinery can accumulate and percolate into your home. In addition, inadequate ventilation may result in a buildup of heat that can further seep into your home, driving up energy costs and creating an uncomfortably warm living environment. As such, ventilation should be prioritized in your renovation.

One of the easiest ways to improve your garage’s ventilation is by installing a ductless mini split. Unlike expensive renovations, such as installing more windows, installing a ductless split is simple and only requires making a small hole in the wall of your garage.

Prioritize function

Garages are primarily a functional space rather than an aesthetically pleasing area. Therefore, prioritizing functional use over appearance is often the most advantageous route when it comes to improving your home’s value. That isn’t to say your garage shouldn’t or can’t also look appealing, but functionality should top the list.

Before simply purchasing the most attractive garage cabinetry, make sure that it is made of durable material and built to last. Also, ensure that you leave plenty of room in your garage for your workspace or vehicles. Spending extensive time and money renovating your garage only to realize that the space is too cramped for its intended purpose would be frustrating, to say the least.