Tips for Positioning a Ductless Mini-Split

Tips for Positioning a Ductless Mini-Split

The positioning of your ductless mini-split system can play a large role in how well it functions, its efficiency, and its aesthetic appearance. As such, it’s important to choose its location wisely when installing one in your home. To help you find the best possible location for your new system, follow these helpful tips for positioning a ductless mini-split.

Ensure the mini-split is easily accessible

You’ll likely want to position your mini-split in an area that is relatively hidden for aesthetic purposes. However, you should avoid positioning your mini-split in an area that is difficult to access. Instead, place your heating and cooling system in a location that you can reach with minimal effort. Doing so will make it easy to perform regular maintenance, such as changing filters or cleaning the pipes.

Give your mini-split some space

Ductless mini-split systems work the best if you place them in an area with ample, unobstructed space. As such, you should ensure you don’t place them near large furniture, wall decorations, or other obstructions which can accumulate dust and make your system work less efficiently. As a rule, try to position your mini-split in an area that has at least four feet of surrounding space in any direction.

Maintain symmetry

To maintain the aesthetic appearance of your home when installing a mini-split wall mount, make sure to position your system symmetrically. For example, if you’re placing your mini-split above a window, you should ensure that its position is symmetric to the frame. Adhering to this important design principal will make sure your home looks as balanced and aesthetically-pleasing as possible.

Focus on equal air distribution

Ensuring equal air distribution throughout a room should be a top priority when positioning your mini-split system. As such, you should mount your system at least eight to ten feet away from the floor. Doing so will help you avoid sending cool air straight to the ceiling rather than circulating throughout the room.

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