The Different Types of Mini Splits

The Different Types of Mini Splits

Mini split systems are compact heating and cooling systems with indoor and outdoor components that can be installed in the wall to control the temperature of an individual room. Some of the many benefits of mini split systems include their flexible placement, easy and affordable installation, energy-efficiency, and compact design. Due to these benefits, choosing to install a mini split system in your home is an easy decision. However, choosing which type of system you want to install requires a little more thought. There are various types of systems to choose from, depending on your specific preferences and style. To familiarize yourself with the different types of mini splits, continue reading.

Single-zone mini split

A single-zone mini split system consists of a single outdoor and indoor unit. It’s designed to control the temperature of an individual room.

Multi-zone mini split

Multi-zone mini split systems are composed of two to four indoor units for one condenser. Despite being connected to one another, each unit in a multi-zone system can function independently and be set to a different temperature.

Wall-mounted mini split

Wall-mounted mini split systems are installed near the top of a wall. They’re the most popular mini split option due to being the least expensive choice.

Floor-mounted mini split

Floor-mounted mini splits are essentially the same at wall-mounted mini splits, except they’re installed near the bottom of a wall instead of towards the top. They’re ideal options for homeowners who want to mount their mini split systems on the wall but who have windows that are too high or ceilings that are too low or slanted for a wall-mounted split.

Ceiling cassette mini split

Ceiling cassette mini split systems are installed on the ceiling. Due to their location, they provide a wider air flow than most other types of systems. Ceiling cassette mini splits are ideal for homeowners who don’t want their heating and cooling systems to take up wall space and who want to keep them out of sight.

Concealed duct mini split

Concealed duct mini splits are mounted on the ceiling, typically where they can be connected to one of more ducts. For homeowners who seek to heat or cool multiple rooms or an individual large area, concealed duct mini split systems are an optimal option.

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