Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality at the Office

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality at the Office

Part of the problem in an office is clutter to the highest degree. Things pile up, and work takes over, so nothing ever gets done around the office to help keep things in order. If you use these simple steps, you can keep the air quality fresh and clean for a great day at work. Here are some tips for improving indoor air quality at the office.

Keep Your Air Vents Clear of Clutter

As your main resource for clean air, you’ll need to ensure your air vents stay clean and visible. Don’t let dust and debris get in the way of everyone’s health and safety. If your building allows it, you can even install a mini split inverter for your air conditioning unit to help it regulate temperatures more efficiently than before. Efficiently regulating your office’s temperatures will make everyone even more comfortable in the office and take the stress off your unit to keep it running longer and stronger.

Comply With Smoking Regulations

If you smoke or know someone who smokes, do everyone a favor and comply with the building’s smoking regulations. Don’t smoke inside, even if you find places where you think you won’t risk detection. The codes are there for a reason; they could potentially save someone’s life, including yours. So, if you’re going to smoke, do so at the designated smoking areas.

Keep Office Plants for Natural Air Filtration

Keeping plants inside the office is an excellent way to add color and filter the air. Plants naturally filter the air when they are healthy and active. So, you’ll want to find a good variety of plants that won’t crowd the space and water them as soon as the dirt dries. Keeping healthy plants in the office will also restore humidity levels in the air, keeping the atmosphere fresh and comfortable.

If you need tips for improving indoor air quality at the office, use this list, and you’ll have everything you need to always keep it at its best. Remember to keep up with your building’s air duct maintenance for results you can count on, and contact our team at Pioneer for more tips and tricks!