The Importance of Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Summer

The Importance of Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Summer

Summertime temperatures reach new records yearly, hitting over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on some days. When the high temperatures pair with humidity, it creates summer forecasts that leave you sweltering and uncomfortable for hours. Thankfully, homes provide a space where you can escape the outdoors and stay shaded from the sun's reach.

Just as it affects people, the dangers of too much humidity also negatively affect animals. Creating a comfortable and cool indoor space benefits you and your pets, ensuring you all stay healthy and safe within your home all summer long. Here is why it's important to keep your pets cool in the summer and the dangers of exposing them to too much heat.

Why Don't Some Pets Do Well With Heat?

Like humans, animal bodies react to certain temperatures. Different animals have different body temperatures. For cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and other rodents and mammals, the ideal body temperature ranges between 101 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above or below those temperatures causes numerous issues.

The Dangers of Pets Overheating

Overheating creates a range of concerns for pets. Many of the symptoms people get when their body overheats mirror when pets find themselves in a similar position. Too much heat exposure leads to difficulty breathing, faintness, nausea, dehydration, and heat stroke. Pets often excessively pant and lose stability when showing signs of overheating.

Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool

There are numerous ways to keep your pet cool. Cutting their hair short reduces the amount of energy and weight they carry. It also creates more open-surface areas on their bodies for fresh air to cool. Serving them ice cold water further helps reduce their body temperature, and keeping their water bowls filled minimizes risks of dehydration. The best and easiest way to cool pets in the summertime is with a central air split unit. Central air mini splits provide temperature control in various rooms in the house. They blow cold air into rooms and maintain indoor temperatures at comfortable and desired levels.

Benefits of Cooling Your Home

On top of cooling your pet and keeping their body temperatures down, a cooled house offers many more benefits. Circulating cool air throughout a space reduces humidity and decreases indoor moisture levels. Without cold air ventilating into a room, humidity increases, creating dense air that captures and creates an atmosphere ideal for bacteria and mold growth. Any toxins and pollutants in the air get inhaled by your pets, causing them various health issues. Cool and controlled indoor atmospheres create cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable spaces.

It's important to keep your pets cool in the summer. With raised temperatures comes uncomfortable and humid atmospheres that pose a lot of health risks. As you and your pet shelter from the sun under the shade of your home, ensuring your indoor spaces produce cool and healthy atmospheres makes those long and hot summer days more bearable and enjoyable. Plus, it also makes sure your pets stay happy and healthy, just the way you like it.