The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC System Level

The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC System Level

Can we level with you? Air conditioning units need a balanced lifestyle. Specifically, they need to be perfectly level. The importance of keeping your HVAC system level can’t be stressed enough. An unbalanced air conditioning unit is more likely to suffer breakdowns and require future repairs. Learn the specifics to ensure your AC unit is installed correctly.

Keep the Compressor Happy

The compressor is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning unit. It’s located somewhere inside the condenser and has the very important job of, you guessed it, compressing the refrigerant inside your unit. When this happens, heat from the process moves from the refrigerant to the condenser, which removes the heat from the air. The compressor’s operation depends on a certain kind of oil, and that oil needs to circulate freely through the device to work. If the compressor isn’t level, it won’t work properly. One side of the motor won’t receive as much oil as the other, and an unlubricated motor leads to grinding, overheating, and an eventual breakdown.

Cost Efficiency

The compressor and condenser aren’t the only set of moving parts in your AC unit. There’s also a fan to ensure hot air is expelled from the unit, as well as other parts. When the unit is askew, it can throw off the balance of these parts, leading to suboptimal performance. This means wasted electricity as the unit compensates for the issues brought about by the imbalance, and that means a higher monthly bill. When the device is in perfect alignment, the individual parts can operate without impediment. Most AC units are already designed to be energy efficient, but they need a level playing field, so to speak, to deliver those savings.

Drain the “Rain”

As its name implies, a condenser creates condensation when water vapor returns to liquid form. AC units are designed to drain off and dispose of this excess water. It accumulates in a pan below the unit and is then disposed of through a drainpipe. If the unit isn’t kept level, the drain pan clogs and water builds up in the pan. This leads to internal rust, which ruins the device’s coils and can encourage bacterial, mold, fungus, and algae growth. This might lead to serious health issues for the residents.

Diminished Vibration

Even though it remains in one place, your AC unit is constantly on the move, at least internally. A nonlevel unit runs the risk of excessive vibrations. As the parts rumble and whir inside an unbalanced unit, they’re thrown to one side or another repeatedly. This puts stress on the equipment, and that stress adds up over the months. Parts wear out and tubing loosens or kinks up, interrupting the refrigerant’s flow. Keep your unit calm and it’ll carry on.

The importance of keeping your HVAC system level can’t be stressed enough. Have questions about AC units? Want to install a ductless mini split heat pump or other device? Contact us today!