Reasons a Mini Split Is Best for Your Mobile Home

Reasons a Mini Split Is Best for Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes need lots of maintenance, especially as they age. Everything will eventually need replacing, no matter how well you’ve taken care of it. This is why you need an air conditioning system that does it all effortlessly for your older house. The reasons a mini split system is best for your mobile home are simple. Dealing with them after installation is easy and not stressful. Install one and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

They’re Easy To Install

The installation of a mini split system is straightforward. The systems come with instructions that help you install them in under an hour. The hardest part is creating a hole in the wall where you want to install it so you can plug in the blower. You can even purchase a ceiling mini split kit and install the unit somewhere out of the way and not as noticeable, which is perfect for a mobile home setting.

They’re Easy To Use

With these systems, you can use a remote control to adjust them to the desired temperature in each room and zone. For a mini split system, a zone is the square footage that one unit will cover. So if you know that it’s typically warmer on one side of your house, you can keep it a few degrees cooler all the time in that zone. You can also program your mini split to keep your home at whatever degree and climate you like at a given time.

They’re Energy Efficient

The mini split works in zones and you can easily adjust its settings. That means it needs to work less hard than a traditional unit to blast air through the ventilation ducts and into your home. You will notice a drop in energy use once you install and run it. Because mobile homes have limited space anyway, they need less power to cool and heat the house.

It’s easy to see why a mini split is good for your mobile home. Because they’re easy to install, programable, and energy efficient, they are the perfect fit for a mobile home setting.