How Pioneer Mini Split Units Can Run on Solar Energy


Solar-powered AC units have become the latest in innovative home technology. They are cost-efficient and reduce both overall energy demand as well as greenhouse gas emissions. So what is a solar-powered AC? A solar air conditioner utilizes solar electricity (energy from the Sun) to power one’s air conditioning unit. The Sun’s rays are converted into electricity and can be used to power ACs and other appliances with only a fraction of the environmental impact. This process is a great step towards efficient sustainability, as well as resourceful innovation!


  • Solar Panels
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery
  • Inverter
  • Portable AC Unit

How it works

Solar panels are the rectangular devices that capture the energy of the Sun. It converts the Sun rays into electrical energy with just its solar power alone. This energy can then be used directly or be stored in a battery. This is known as DC power (direct current). A solar-powered air conditioner then uses this DC power, either directly as DC or after conversion into AC and heats or cools your home efficiently and resourcefully.

For AC air conditioners to run with solar power, one needs a device known as an inverter, converting the DC (direct current) from the solar panels into AC.The inverter is an integral part of connecting your mini split to solar panels. The solar powered unit then uses up the energy stored in a battery after passing through the inverter. These air conditioners can also be tied up to the grid power and run as a standard air conditioner. One won’t require extra equipment since this air conditioner can run on AC power.



There are many benefits to using solar power to run your mini split systems. While the most obvious is the better environmental impact, you can also increase your energy efficiency with solar power. Another benefit is that if you wanted to expand and install more mini splits in the future, your solar panels would not get overloaded. It would be as simple as installing another solar panel and calling it a day!

For a more detailed video on how you can connect and power your Pioneer Mini Split with solar power, check out this video: