How Mini Splits Prevent Condensation on Windows

How Mini Splits Prevent Condensation on Windows

When the temperature rises or drops and the heat rises in your home, do your windows fog up? That’s condensation. In humid environments, condensation begins to form on windows and similar surfaces. If you don’t have a dehumidifier, there are other alternatives to combating condensation, such as mini split systems. Mini split systems provide more than heat and cold; they can also control moisture levels in the air. How does it happen? Here’s how mini splits prevent condensation on windows.

Something in the Air

A multi-zone mini split system has two basic functions. It can take in and cool down air and release it back into a room. Mini split systems keep things cool, but they’re also good at heating things up with an internal heat pump system. A heat pump takes in heat already in the area’s air, enhances it, then releases it back into the air. During either process, the system also brings in whatever moisture is hanging in the air, condenses it, then drains it outside or saves it in a receptacle for later disposal. In this way many mini split systems stop water from building up on the windows.

Dry Mode

Not all mini split systems are the same, however. Some systems feature a special “dry mode” setting that acts as a sort of dehumidifier. The device controls humidity by using a fan to remove the moisture from the air without raising temperatures. It does so by making the air move more slowly past the cooling center, causing it to take away more of the humidity than usual. However, both styles of mini split use somewhat less energy to provide humidity relief than larger systems or units. Of course, they do handle a smaller area.

Other Benefits

Removing humidity from the air and condensation from the windows aren’t the only benefit, either. When things cool down or heat up and dry out, there’s a lower likelihood of mold, bacteria, and other unpleasant microorganisms growing and developing in the home. That can reduce the odds of sickness or property damage. To be fair, it’s probably best to invest in a dehumidifier in areas of high humidity. But in places where lower humidity is normal, you can make do with a mini split system and be perfectly comfortable.

That’s the gist of how mini splits prevent condensation on windows. For more information, contact us!