Explore the Wall-Mounted System: Features and Benefits

Explore the Wall-Mounted System: Features and Benefits

Although many people recognize the traditional HVAC system in a home, there are improved options to consider, such as ductless wall-mounted systems. In this article, we’ll explore the many features and benefits of a wall-mounted system along with its disadvantages and when it might be best to choose a ductless system for your home.

Let’s begin with understanding what a wall-mounted system is.

What Is a Wall-Mounted System?

A wall-mounted system is a ductless HVAC system, meaning it doesn’t need any ductwork behind the walls to bring in cool or warm air. Each wall-mounted unit operates in one room, and it’s designed to control the temperature in only that room—although other rooms may feel the benefits as well. The condenser, vent fan, and compressor are in a unit on the outside of the house. This unit is connected to the interior unit, which is discreetly mounted on the wall of choice inside the home.

The Features of a Wall-Mounted System

Ductless wall-mounted systems have excellent features and benefits, which make them worth considering for your home. Let’s look at what those are:

Sleek Design

The sleek design of a wall-mounted system allows you to put it just about anywhere, making it anything but the focus of the room. The one requirement for placement is that you have to place the unit high up on a wall, at least six feet from the floor. Still, with their neutral color and shallow depth, wall-mounted systems easily blend in with any décor.

Filtration Systems

Wall-mounted systems utilize a multistage allergen filtration system. These systems filter dust, dander, contaminants, pollutants, and other allergens, bringing clean air into your home and assisting people with allergies. You can easily clean and replace the filter when necessary.

Remote Control

Once you’re comfy in your favorite chair, you shouldn’t have to get up to control the temperature of the room. Many wall-mounted systems work with a remote control, so you can focus on other things (like relaxing).


Perhaps one of the most important features and benefits of a wall-mounted system is its ability to create a comfortable atmosphere. As it runs discreetly in the background, the wall-mounted system focuses on the room in which it’s installed to keep it comfortably cool or warm. This is also an energy savings, as the unit doesn’t have to work hard to cool or heat multiple rooms.

No Ductwork

A home with no ductwork is a foreign concept to many people. It has its place, but ultimately, it only leads to more problems with HVAC systems. Over time, it will experience maintenance issues and need repairs, which can be costly and time consuming.

Since wall-mounted systems require no ductwork, they represent instant savings. The cost savings you’ll earn with the downsized maintenance of a ductless system will be well worth it.

Environmental Friendliness

The refrigerant used with wall-mounted systems is better for the environment when compared to other refrigerants. A ductless system also focuses on a specific room rather than working to get heated or cooled air to every room, making it more energy efficient.


A ductless wall-mounted system is easy to use in any room, making it quite versatile. Since it requires no ductwork, it’s an excellent solution for any building.

Simple Installation

With fewer moving parts than a traditional HVAC system, a wall-mounted system features easy installation, which one can often complete in a few hours.

Disadvantages of a Wall-Mounted System

Every good thing has its downside. Let’s look at the disadvantages of installing a wall-mounted system:

Initial Cost

If wall-mounted units are going into every room of your house, the initial cost is high. However, in the long run, the savings are incredible, making the initial cost worth it. Wall-mounted systems are more expensive than window units, but they cool more efficiently and burn less energy.


Although a wall-mounted unit’s placement in a room is flexible, the placement does matter. The unit inside the home reads the temperature, so if it’s in direct sunlight, it will inaccurately diagnose the temperature of the room. The same may happen if it’s near a drafty window. Be careful when choosing where to place your wall-mounted system.


Some people may not enjoy seeing the unit in their room. Although a wall-mounted system is designed with a low profile, it’s still visible.

When To Choose a Wall-Mounted System

So when is a wall-mounted system best? As we mentioned, they work best cooling and heating one specific room. That rooms might be any the following:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Sunroom
  • Four-season room
  • Office or den
  • Kitchen
  • Finished basement
  • Finished garage
  • New additions

Wall-mounted systems are great solutions for rooms the current HVAC system isn’t handling well. Sometimes a room is too far away from the furnace, or the ductwork may be damaged or running inefficiently. In those cases, a wall-mounted unit will improve the room’s comfort level.

Wall-mounted systems can also regulate the temperature of an entire home. This simply requires several installed units to get the job done. And, of course, there will still be no ductwork.


As we mentioned, the installation of a wall-mounted system is simpler than a system that uses ductwork. Here are some helpful hints for a successful installation:

  1. Measure the wall depth before choosing a unit. Different units require different wall depths for installation.
  2. If possible, choose an exterior wall to make drainage easier. Tubing and wiring will reach the compressor more easily this way.
  3. Keep the unit away from direct sunlight and other heat sources for a more accurate temperature reading.
  4. Choose professional installation for a quick and correct installation.

Ductless wall-mounted systems are excellent answers to many heating and cooling issues. Whether you need them to regulate the temperature of a new home or an older one, an entire house or just one room, wall-mounted systems offer efficiency, easy installation, comfort, and cost savings.

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Explore the Wall-Mounted System: Features and Benefits