Energy Hacks: Tips for Efficient Ways To Run a Mini-Split

Energy Hacks: Tips for Efficient Ways To Run a Mini-Split

Mini splits are a great alternative to larger HVAC systems. They can provide heating and cooling to specific zones of your home without the need for an elaborate ductwork system. But as useful and efficient as mini split systems are, you can set them up and use them in ways to save both energy and money. Here are a few energy hacks and tips for efficient ways to run a mini split. Keep them in mind when you install and use your mini split, so you can expect a more comfortable home and greater savings.

Size and Location

First, choose the right size mini split for the room. A smaller unit will struggle to heat or cool a large space while a large one will switch off and on far too often, wasting electricity. Measure the square footage of the space you want to heat and cool, then multiply it by 25. This measurement gives you an idea of the number of BTUs a mini split needs to generate to provide for the room. Next, consider the unit’s location. Place it in a cooler spot with plenty of shade. Direct sunlight and proximity to heat sources will make it turn on more often and waste energy.

Keep It Clean

Most homeowners install their mini splits up and out of the way. However, out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Make dusting and vacuuming the mini split part of your weekly cleaning routine. A dusty mini split can become clogged, forcing it to work harder, waste electricity, and eventually break down. Clean or replace the filters regularly for this same reason. Also, schedule an inspection and cleaning at least twice a year, preferably before a period of heavy use.

Direct the Airflow

Hot air rises and cold air descends. Keep this in mind when you set up the mini split’s airflow path. Point it upward during the hotter months so the cool air it generates spreads more evenly. Point it downward when it gets cold out so it expends less effort delivering heat from the heat pump. You can further aid your mini split’s airflow by using a ceiling or other kind of fan, directing the conditioned air around the room.

Shut the Doors and Windows

Naturally, the conditioned air will stay put if you keep the doors to a room with a mini split shut. An open door makes a ducted mini split system work harder than necessary. You should shut your home’s windows and curtains or drapes, if applicable, to retain the heat or coolness and stave off the radiant heat sunlight provides. And be sure to check the weather-stripping and other insulation around your windows and doors. You could be losing heat and cold air through unseen cracks.

Those are just a few energy hacks and tips for efficient ways to run a mini split. Contact us for a consultation or more information on how mini splits can keep you comfy while saving money and power!