Effective Alternatives to Baseboard Heaters

Effective Alternatives to Baseboard Heaters

Having a heater in your home makes a world of difference during chillier nights, cooler weather, and cold temperatures. Out of the diverse range of heating systems, baseboard heaters once reigned as a popular heating solution for many people. Their easy installation, quietness, and cheap initial purchase cost made baseboards a viable heating source. However, they are costly to run, take up floor space, and have a small heating range. Now, baseboards are only common in older buildings and smaller spaces. Whether you’re upgrading or considering various heating options, here are some effective alternatives to baseboard heaters.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer numerous benefits and have attracted many people since they’ve entered the market. They work by transferring external hot air into a coolant, compressing it, and sending it into the indoor component that blows hot or cold air into a room. Mini splits are a popular type of heat pump. They make excellent baseboard heater alternatives because most of their systems lack ductwork like baseboard heaters, but they provide more efficient heating.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides low-grounded heating, a similar type of heat as baseboard heaters. They either use electric heating wires or a warm water system to spread warmth throughout the floor. One of the major advantages of underfloor heating is that it doesn’t take up any space and stays hidden under your foundation.

Wood Stove

For a cozier yet efficient alternative heating source, try wood stoves. Wood stoves create a controlled wood-burning environment that collects heat from a fire, extending the warmth across a room. Wood-burning stoves use little to no electricity at all, minimizing your electricity usage and bill as they gain their necessary fuel from wood.

Portable Space Heater

If you’re looking for a more temporary heating alternative, check out portable space heaters. These heaters provide short-term heating solutions that you can maximize during cooler times and put away when you no longer need extra heating. They are a cheaper, portable, and easy-to-store heating alternative.

Other heating alternatives include more passive systems. For instance, you can install large windows to capture the sun’s heat indoors or get additional insulation. Each of the effective alternatives to baseboard heaters provides differing benefits suitable for varying situations. However, the mini split heat pump systems are the most well-rounded heating alternative. They offer both heating and cooling, full room coverage, and multi-zone heating. They’re also easy to install. Explore Pioneer Mini Split’s variety of units, ranging from single-zone wall units to concealed duct mini splits. Discover a heating pump system that will keep you warm during those colder times and meet all your needs.