Do You Need a New Mini-Split System if the Condenser Breaks?

Do You Need a New Mini-Split System if the Condenser Breaks?

Do you need a new mini-split system if the condenser breaks? The short answer is “absolutely.” It will cut utility costs, and you won’t have to put your life on hold every six months to schedule repairs. So what are some of the benefits of replacing the mini-split system?

Condenser Replacement or Complete Fix?

Using a mini-split system is an efficient way to cool your home. You’ll be glad you had one in those months of extreme cold or heat, but it’s easy to try to cut costs by replacing a single part rather than buying a whole new system. People often balk at being told they need to replace their entire system when all they need is one part that’ll do the job. However, as we’ll see, the costs stack up over time.

Generic Condensers Aren’t Ideal

The replacement condenser will likely be generic and won’t work nearly as efficiently as the one designed for your current system. This means it won’t heat or cool your home the way it used to, and in 20-degree weather, you’ll certainly wish it did. Since it’s not as efficient, you’ll need to adjust it lower than you normally would, increasing your utility bills by up to 20 percent. This is true of most air conditioning products. However, to be sure, buying a standalone air conditioner accessory is definitely a valid and useful option. But you can also get an entirely new system and reap the benefits.

Count the Costs

Traditional costs for a condenser replacement will only range from $1,300 to $4000. In comparison, buying an entirely new system could cost anywhere from $700 to $7000. That being said, the cost of fixing an inefficient condenser every year is steep. The price of it continuously breaking down will quickly exceed the cost of buying a new system altogether. You could easily pour thousands of dollars into an inefficient system between utility costs and repairs.

In short, we’ve answered the question of whether or not you need a new mini-split system if the condenser breaks. Using this information, you’ll be ready to tackle the upcoming summer months with ease.