Can Mini Splits Help Combat Indoor Humidity?

Can Mini Splits Help Combat Indoor Humidity?

A comfortable indoor atmosphere improves one's home experience. Whether through hot or cold air, controlling your indoor temperatures create cozy and healthy spaces. Mini split systems provide you with air control abilities, allowing you to cool or heat your home for your own pleasure. On top of heating and cooling, mini splits also combat humidity.

What Is Humidity?

Humidity is a concentration of water vapor in the air. It occurs when surrounding moisture or water heats up and evaporates into gaseous vapor. The thicker the concentration of water vapor, the higher the humidity levels. There are many reasons why high humidity levels are dangerous, from increased bacteria growth to heat stroke. Using a mini split system can help reduce humidity levels and create safer and more comfortable indoor spaces.

How Mini Splits Combat Humidity

Mini split AC components take in the rooms surrounding air, capturing the water vapor lingering within your space. The pulled warm air then passes over cool refrigerants that condense and separate the moisture from the air. The cool air then blows back into your room, and the moisture gets stored away. As the mini split cycles through its system of capturing, condensing, and reemitting air into a space, it slowly removes the moisture and water vapor concentrations, reducing humidity levels.

The cold air and lower temperatures of the atmosphere further help combat the humidity. Warm air expands, creating more room in the atmosphere for the humidity to fill. Cold air, on the other hand, leaves little room for humidity. A ceiling mount ductless mini split covers an entire room, maximizing its coverage. Since heat rises, ceiling mini splits' high placement allows them to capture more heat and humidity, making it a great combat to indoor humidity.

Other Ways To Reduce Indoor Humidity

Typically, mini split systems lower humidity levels by 44 to 55 percent. The ideal humidity levels for a home sit between 30 to 40 percent for the most optimized atmosphere and indoor setting. Besides using a mini split, there are many other additional dehumidifying solutions. To accompany your mini split, use a specialized dehumidifier, take colder and shorter showers, and invest in rock salts.

Mini splits help combat indoor humidity by removing moisture from the air and keeping temperatures cold. Creating ideal room atmospheres free from the humidity keeps you safe and comfortable within your own home.