Attic Air Conditioners: Why They Are Essential

Attic Air Conditioners: Why They Are Essential

Most people don’t spend a ton of time hanging out in their attics. As such, keeping them at a comfortable temperature may not seem all that important. However, failing to control the temperature of your attic could cause it to become super-heated, which can have several negative effects on your home and finances. To better understand why attic air conditioners are essential in every home, continue reading.

Reduce energy bills

If your attic doesn’t have an HVAC system, air can get trapped inside it. As the sun warms your roof, the air inside your attic will start to heat up. This warm air will then transfer through the floor and heat the rest of your home. As such, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your entire house, which will result in a higher energy bill. By installing an air conditioner in your attic, you can prevent warm air from spreading throughout your home and keep your electric bill at a minimum.

Prevent warped walls

As we previously stated, attics can become super-heated as a result of the sun’s rays warming your roof. In addition to raising your electric bills, a super-heated attic can damage the wood framing in your attic. This damage may have a ripple effect throughout your home by warping walls and door frames. To avoid such damage to your home, you must prevent your attic from becoming overheated by installing an effective attic air conditioner.

Avoid damage to your roof’s shingles

A super-heated attic may also damage your roof’s shingles. When warm air transfers through the floor of your attic, it will also transfer back through the roof. As a result, the shingles may become overheated, and they may sustain damage or face a decreased lifespan. By installing an air conditioner in your attic, you can prevent such costly damage to your roof.

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