8 Ways To Prep Your HVAC System Before a Vacation

8 Ways To Prep Your HVAC System Before a Vacation

You’ve scheduled a house sitter, pet care, put the mail on hold, and packed your bags. You should be ready to go! But are you? If you’ve done nothing to prep your HVAC system, then you’re not ready for you to go at all, and you’ll come home to a very cold or very steamy house, not to mention wasted money on unnecessary energy. Let’s look at the eight ways to prep your HVAC system before a vacation, so you can truly relax while you’re away.

Set the Thermostat

Turning the system completely off while you’re away does not increase efficiency and will cause the HVAC system to use large amounts of energy when you get home.

HVAC systems work best when they run routinely and maintain the desired temperature in your home. When turned off, the house becomes either very cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Once turned back on, it must expend a lot of energy to get the temperature where it belongs.

Set the thermostat about four degrees higher than usual in the warm months when going away, and four degrees lower during cold months.

Air Filter

Vacation isn’t the time for your HVAC system to come to a halt because the air filter is clogged up. Give it a quick check and change it if it’s dirty.

Surge Protection

Storms happen, and when we’re on vacation there’s not much we can do to protect our HVAC system from them. Surge protectors are inexpensive, and your professional HVAC service person can easily install one. So when the power goes out or lightening strikes, your equipment is safe, and you can keep sipping piña coladas by the pool.

Close the Windows

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget during the hustle and bustle of getting ready to leave for a trip. Closing the windows keeps the inside air in and the outside air out, and locking the windows keeps the home secure and adds another layer of protection to prevent air from escaping.

Clean Out Debris

Check outside around your unit to clear out twigs, leaves, and dirt before you head out for vacation. The last thing you need is for the unit to stop working while you’re away because it’s clogged up with debris. You want to come home to a perfectly cool or warm house, not an uncomfortable one.

Maintenance Check

Always keep your regular maintenance schedules for your HVAC system in the spring and the fall. If it’s that time, don’t leave home until it’s done.

We all need a getaway now and then. Make yours more enjoyable by following these eight ways to prep your HVAC system before a vacation. If you find your system not running up to par before or after the time away, contact the Pioneer Mini Split store and we can discuss better options, such as the multi room mini split air conditioner for more efficient cooling. At Pioneer Mini Split, our goal is lower utility bills and increased comfort.