7 Signs Your Ducted HVAC System Needs To Be Replaced

7 Signs Your Ducted HVAC System Needs To Be Replaced

We all want to be comfortable in our homes, weather it’s cold or hot outside. We count on our HVAC systems to keep the temperature and humidity levels where we want them, no matter the season. In order to maintain this comfort, watch for the following seven signs your ducted HVAC system needs to be replaced.

Skyrocketing Utility Bills

A clear sign your HVAC is on the brink is an increase in how much it runs. Some seasons are extreme, bringing us ridiculously hot summers and cold winters. In those rare cases, the increase in energy is expected. However, if it’s not an unusually hot season or cold winter and you notice the A/C or heat is kicking on way too often trying to keep up, it’s going to show in your utility bills. A new system works more efficiently and lowers those bills.

Poor Temperature Control

It seems no matter how you mess with the thermostat, your HVAC system doesn’t match up. Paying for energy that’s not getting the temperature of your home to where you want it is not a good thing. If the thermostat checks out fine, then the ducted HVAC system is probably to blame and possibly needs replacing.

Constant Repairs

Unfortunately, if your HVAC system hasn’t had regular, yearly maintenance, the repairs begin to get larger as time goes on. Even if well maintained, eventually an HVAC system just gets old. Constant repairs are one of the sure signs your ducted HVAC system needs to be replaced.

It’s Loud

The sounds of your HVAC system used to just blend into the background. Now it makes its presence known every time it starts up or shuts down. Get your system checked if you can’t tune out the noise anymore.

It’s Just Plain Old

After about 10 years of use, most ducted HVAC systems show wear and tear. You’ll see the results of age as you seem to call the repair person more often to fix it. After 10 years of age, don’t be surprised if you need to buy a new HVAC system.

Poor Air Quality

Bad odors or mold growing in places in the home are signs the ducted HVAC system has a problem. You may need the ducts cleaned or replaced, or it may be a problem with the entire HVAC system. Either way, don’t mess with mold, and have the system checked.

A Lot of Dust

No one wants to waste time dusting. If you’re ducted HVAC system is on the brink, you may notice you dust, then turn around and the dust is back again.

With many of these signs that your ducted HVAC system needs replacing, it may just mean a cleaning or repair is necessary. Still, it’s best to have any of these concerns checked out before repairs and utility bills become too expensive.

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