6 Myths About Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Heating and cooling our homes are necessities, keeping our homes comfortable and our energy costs low. In this article, we’ll look at six myths about ductless mini-split systems so that you can make the best decision for heating and cooling your home.

Myth Number 1: They Won’t Last

Many ductless systems last for over 20 years when properly cared for. Just as with any HVAC system, you should have your ductless mini-split serviced regularly—usually one to two times a year—by an HVAC professional. Those regular checkups and cleanings make the difference in how long your system will last.

Myth Number 2: They’re Only for New Homes

Ductwork often already exists in older homes, so homeowners might wonder if they can still install ductless mini-split systems. The answer is yes. The ductwork in a home can be sealed off when a ductless system is installed. This way, the homeowners will no longer worry about taking care of the ducts.

Myth Number 3: They’re Too Noisy

Older HVAC systems are noisy, but newer ones have seen great improvements through the years. Today, ductless systems are quiet, so they can run without being noticed.

Myth Number 4: They’re Unattractive

The appearance of ductless mini-splits has come a long way. They now have a simple, streamlined look that makes them suitable for any style of home. They also take up less space than traditional units, as they can hang on walls or ceilings.

Myth Number 5: They’re Not Energy-Efficient

Nothing can completely solve all energy loss issues, but a ductless mini-split is the best choice to cut down on energy loss. Ductwork causes greater loss through leaks.

Myth Number 6: They Allow Low Indoor Air Quality

Quite the opposite: many ductless systems improve indoor air quality. Without ductwork, there’s less risk of unhealthy air circulating throughout the entire home. Also, mini-splits have excellent filtration systems, bringing clean air into the home. This is helpful for people with allergies and asthma.

Now that we’ve cleared up six myths about ductless mini-split systems, you can make the right decision for your home. At the Pioneer Mini Split Store, we make it easy to buy ductless mini-split systems. Enjoy browsing our online store, or contact us with any HVAC questions and needs.