5 Tips for Cleaning Your Ceiling Cassette Filter

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Ceiling Cassette Filter

Ceiling AC units offer a range of benefits, including their high vantage point for maximum air spread and unobtrusive placement. Although their high-mount location, inconspicuousness, and seamless blend with ceilings are great, they make it easy to forget about them, especially if they continue to run without any issues. If some time has passed since you bought, installed, and first ran your mini split, your unit might be due for a little TLC. To continue reaping the rewards and benefits of your split cassette air conditioner, here are five tips for cleaning your ceiling cassette filter.

How To Prep

An essential step to any task and project is prep work. Preparing ensures the safety of both you and your unit. It sets you up for a successful and smooth future tasks with minimal mishaps. Before hopping on a ladder to retrieve the filter, you must ensure the AC unit is off and disconnected from its power source.

What You’ll Need

There are various ways to clean air filters, but two major ones include vacuuming and rinsing. Of course, this means that you need a vacuum. When vacuuming the filter, you may need a small paintbrush to reach the dust collected in the tight corners of the filter as well. Rinsing doesn’t include any special solutions. A mild detergent and warm water do the job just fine. Solutions often considered mild include dishwashing soap, laundry detergents, and other mixes featuring surfactants that dissolve dirt and grease. To wipe the dust, make sure to use a lint-free cloth. Besides the two cleaning method components, you’ll also need a ladder.

When To Replace vs. Clean

Well-used, aged, or damaged filters offer little room for improvement. They no longer provide any use and lack the durability to withstand another cleaning session. Dry and dusty outdoor locations and consistently running your unit affect the wear and tear of your filters, dictating when and how often you should replace your filters instead of clean them. In some cases, you may need to purchase and replace the filter altogether instead of cleaning it.

How To Clean the Filter

Both cleaning methods require you to clean with the inlet side of the filter face up. While rinsing, any water temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit prevents your filter from sustaining damage and warping. You also don’t want to use any harsh scrubbers or materials to wipe down the filter as you rinse it to avoid further damage. After washing the filter, set it aside to air dry, preferably not in direct sunlight, and return it to its home once completely dried.

Extra Things To Consider

Although pretty straightforward, cleaning filters is still a delicate job due to their material makeup. There are some extra things to consider to avoid potential damage when cleaning your mini split’s filter. Here are vital things to remember:

  • Make sure to separate the filter from the rest of the unit before cleaning to avoid damage.
  • Avoid using running water or fully submerging the filter while rinsing. Instead, opt for a damp cloth soaked with detergent or make sure the water is dripping and not streaming out from the tap onto the filter.
  • As you install the filter back in place, avoid hitting, moving, or disrupting other components and wires.

Following these tips for cleaning your ceiling cassette filter minimizes the risks of damage to your unit and filter while optimizing the cleaning process. If you’re still unsure about cleaning the filters, you can also always opt to work with a professional.