5 Maintenance Mini-Split Tips During Winter Season

5 Maintenance Mini-Split Tips During Winter Season

A ductless mini-split is an excellent way to control the temperature in each room without having ductwork behind your walls. Using the following five maintenance mini-split tips during the winter season is the best way to ensure a cozy, warm home during the long, cold winter.

Prepare for Comfort

Keep in mind the location of your mini-split unit. They’re usually placed up high, near the ceiling. This combination creates a battle between the thermostat and the mini-split. It reacts to the heat that rises and is held in the ceiling. The thermostat reads the temperature as warm, even though where you’re seated the air feels cold.

It’s a simple fix. Set the temperature a bit higher than what you want the room to feel like. It may take a few days of trial and error, but once you’ve found the sweet spot, your room will feel perfect.

Backup Ready

A mini-split system effectively heats a home. However, it’s important to install cold weather-rated mini-splits when you’re living in an area where winter is anything but gentle. If you have a mini-split system that isn’t rated for the cold weather, you need a backup plan just in case winter gets colder than expected.

Many homes come with ducted heating and cooling systems (unless mini-splits are the choice from the beginning.) Prepare your ducted system for winter in case you need it as a backup. If your energy bills run higher than your gas bills and you have a gas backup heating system, you can run it to save on energy costs.

Set It and Forget It

Your mini-split system works harder when the temperature settings fluctuate. Changing the temperature setting often, causes the system to turn off and on more, uses too much energy. Find your comfort level, set it, and forget it.

Partner With the Sun

Open the curtains during the sunny hours of the day and let the sun help heat your rooms. Let it lift your spirit on cold winter days. With the help of warm shafts of sunlight, your room will have a joyful glow as it works alongside the mini-split system.

Protect Your Heating System

One of the most important maintenance mini-split tips during the winter season is to keep an eye on the outdoor unit. Airflow is necessary to keep your system running well. Remove sticks, snow, and ice from around the unit each day so it can do its job.

Enjoy winter in your warm home by keeping your ductless mini-split system well-maintained. Taking the time to do it right as soon as the cold temperatures hit saves energy, money, and eliminates the need for several layers of clothing.

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