4 Tips for Improving Your HVAC’s Efficiency and Longevity

4 Tips for Improving Your HVAC’s Efficiency and Longevity

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are terrific. They put the power of the weather in our hands, if only within the confines of our homes. If you want to enjoy years of good service from your unit, take the following advice to heart. Here are four tips for improving your HVAC’s efficiency and longevity.

Periodically Change or Clean the Air Filters

You may not always see it, but there’s an awful lot of stuff floating around you. If you’ve ever noticed the dust motes in a beam of sunlight, that should give you a good idea about what’s hovering around you all the time. Dust, dander, pet hair, and other allergens and particulates occupy much of the air we breathe, and yes, we inhale them all the time. HVAC mini split systems and other HVAC units always have filter systems to catch all that floating junk and protect you and the device. Check and clean the filters of your machine on a regular basis.

Don’t Block the Vents

As the “bad” air comes indoors, the “good” air blows out of the unit. However, the good air can’t grace your home if the vents are blocked! Ensure there are no obstacles in the way, removing furniture, rugs, curtains, and other things that can impede circulation. If the HVAC system can’t deliver warm or cool air, it’s working at lower efficiency. Dust can also build up on the vents and inside the ducts if obstructed. A quick vacuum and wipe-down should do the trick and let the air flow freely through the system and house.

Insulation Fascination

Everyone can use a helping hand now and then. Help your HVAC system by insulating your home. Seal cracks around doorframes and windows with silicon-based caulk or similar insulation materials. Add weather strips around doors, as well, to keep hot air from escaping or cold air from getting in. Ensure the walls and rafters of your attic are covered with batting or another type of insulation. And don’t forget to check the spacing between the wall and your mini split unit! As caulk or other sealants wear out, they tend to flake away, adding another escape hatch for conditioned air.

Keep It Clean

Here’s the last of our four tips for improving your HVAC’s efficiency and longevity: Keep the HVAC system clean inside and out by scheduling a yearly inspection and maintenance session with a certified technician. Hose off the condenser outside if it’s experiencing a buildup of grass, leaves, dirt, or other detritus. Keep it clear of plant growth, and don’t store or stack gardening equipment or materials nearby. If it’s a duct-based system and you had it installed several years ago, consider hiring a professional to blow out the ductwork and remove accumulated dust and debris.

Your HVAC system works hard behind the scenes to keep you comfortable. Make its job a little easier with these steps, and you’ll be rewarded with longer and better service!