4 Maintenance Requirements for Ductless Mini Split Systems

4 Maintenance Requirements for Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mini splits are great investments. They keep you warm or cool without the need to invest in an elaborate and expensive system of ducts. But despite their benefits and advantages, they still required a certain level of maintenance to provide continued and great service. Fortunately, mini splits don’t require a ton of work to keep up. Here are four maintenance requirements for ductless mini split systems. With just an occasional bit of work, your mini split can enjoy years of use.

Cleaning Out Dust

Dust is the biggest enemy of most appliances, and mini splits are no exception. Keep your mini split’s exterior wiped down and free from accumulated dust. The vents are often particularly dusty, so wipe them down and thoroughly vacuum them. Open the unit and vacuum the interior as well. Dust can get in, collect, and interfere with the device’s functions. Regular cleaning will prevent this from happening.

Checking the Filter

After cleaning the unit, inspect the filters on your mini split ductless system. Filters keep nasty stuff out of the machine and the air you breathe. Air can’t get in and out of the mini split if you leave the filters unchecked. They’ll slowly become blocked, keeping the mini split from doing its job and eventually clogging and breaking down. Once a month or more, during heavy use, remove the filters, wipe them down, and reinsert them into the device. If the filters seem excessively clogged or damaged, replace them. Filter maintenance is a must. Without it, you could face costly repairs.

Caring for the External Unit

Don’t neglect your mini split’s external unit. Keep it clear and free of grass, leaves, twigs, and other accumulated natural detritus. Don’t allow bushes or other plants to block the unit. Also, make sure fences, lawn care equipment, or other obstacles aren’t blocking it either. Remove the exterior case of the compressor/condenser and inspect the unit’s interior if you can, ensuring the interior doesn’t have debris or wildlife. The exterior casing can benefit from periodic washing with a garden hose, but check with the installer to be sure.

Doing Regular Inspections

Here’s the last of our four maintenance requirements for ductless mini split systems. Check with your installer about scheduling regular inspections of the unit, inside and out. Do it twice a year, before and after summer or at similar times of increased use. The technician can make sure the unit is running properly and adjust it to improve performance. They can also provide a deep cleaning for added measure.